DIY Paper Bag Snowflakes (Easy DIY Christmas Decoration)

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These paper bag snowflakes are easy enough for kids to make and fun for adults too. They come out differently each time and can be used in so many different ways. These aren’t your typical tiny snowflakes either…these are large-sized snowflakes that will make a (festive) statement!

If you are here looking for DIY Christmas decorations, then you’ll enjoy this collection of DIY Christmas wreath ideas. All of them are unique and festive. Festive winter luminaries light up your room and they make your house smell like Christmas. Or, jazz up your Christmas tree with one of these lovely DIY Christmas tree toppers that are surprisingly simple to make.

christmas tree by stairs with paper snowflakes

Forget about complicated Christmas crafts that require thousands of dollars in supplies. Save your money and spend it on gifts for your loved ones (or yourself!). This craft is beautiful and costs pennies. This is my favorite kind of craft to make too.

To be honest, last year I bought these gorgeous paper snowflakes and loved them so much but I wanted more and it was getting pricey! So I sought out a crafty hack to get the same look without the high price tag.

Want a smaller version? No problem. You can vary the sizes by using different sizes of paper bags. I like that you can play with the scale of this project to make a design that works for YOUR space.

collage of how to make paper bag snowflakes

Here’s the store-bought version (no longer in stock, unfortunately) for pattern ideas:

large paper snowflakes from crate and barrel

(source: Crate & Barrel)

Cute and fun crafts don’t have to cost a ton of money. To make these happy snowflakes, you only need some paper bags, glue, and scissors.

8 white lunch-size paper bags on a table next to winter scrapbook paper

How To Make Paper Bag Snowflakes

Do you remember making paper snowflakes in school? This is basically the same idea. The difference is that when you use paper bags, they are folded and create an almost three-dimensional effect. I really like how these turn out!


  • white paper lunch bags– I used 2 lb size bags for this video and photos, for the best effect make several in various sizes (ie, three snowflakes with 2 lb bags, two snowflakes with 4 lb bags) for a wall display like the one in my stairway in the top photo.
  • hot glue gun
  • good pair of scissors
  • twine or clear fishing line for hanging
  • command hooks for hanging

Starting the Snowflakes

The very first step is to glue a stack of white paper bags together with a hot glue gun. Add hot glue along one side of a paper bag, lay another bag on top and smooth it down. Then repeat. It’s recommended to use between 7-9 bags. The more paper bags you use, the poofier the snowflake will be, but it will also be thicker and harder to cut through.

Using a hot glue gun to glue white paper bags together in a stack.

Cute Snowflake Shapes Out Of The Paper Bags

After they are all glued together you are ready to start cutting out the snowflakes. Here are some helpful tips to make the best snowflakes!

First, make sure the paper bags are facing the right way. The open ends should be facing up (away from you) and the folded bottom end is facing down. Start cutting the top or open end. Cut this into a point by snipping off both sides like a triangle. These are the pointy ends of the snowflake.

Using scissors to cut a snowflake out of a stack of paper bags

Cut Snowflake Designs In The Paper Bags

Now is the time to be creative! Cut along the sides of the paper bags. Cut shapes like wedges, triangles, or feathery cuts. All of them will create beautiful patterns.

Be careful not to cut into the folded bottom area.

Cutting designs out of a stack of white paper bags

Unfold The Paper Bag Snowflake Craft

For the last step, unfold the bags like a fan and watch your creation come to life! If you love what you made, glue the flat sides together with hot glue. If not, fold it back up and add a few more cuts.

Lastly, hang it up with a piece of twine or a Command hook. Done!

Unfolding a stack of paper bags to make a 3D snowflake
Unfolding a 3D paper bag snowflake craft
The finished paper bag snowflake

Easy Paper Bag Snowflake- VIDEO

shop the post handlettered

Easily shop the post by clicking the images below.

There you have it! What a fun and easy Christmas craft! Use this as a craft with your kids or do it at a large family holiday party. It’s so easy and cheap that you can decorate an entire room in just minutes!

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collage of how to make paper bag snowflakes
How To DIY Paper Bag Snowflakes

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