Christmas Charcuterie Wreath Appetizer

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This Christmas charcuterie is a 2-in-1 stunner: it’s both a centerpiece and a way to serve appetizers. This fun edible wreath is super easy to put together but looks totally impressive. Your guests will love it!

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how to make a Christmas charcuterie wreath

I love creating unique ideas that combine familiar things into something totally different. Wreaths are one of my favorite things, as documented on this blog! I use them for every season and holiday.

I had so much fun making a Christmas tree charcuterie board that I decided to take it a step further. This time I wanted to do something a little bit different – a hybrid edible wreath and charcuterie board. The result is delightful and fun for the holidays.

The best part is that you don’t need any fancy tools or equipment. If you have a large platter or board and all the right types of food, you can make this holiday charcuterie board. It’s the perfect beginner’s board – anyone can make it. Plus, it’s so fun to customize too.

Use Fresh Spinach As The Christmas Charcuterie Wreath Base

If you want to use silk flowers or greenery instead of fresh spinach, just be sure to sanitize everything first. The benefit of using fake greenery is that it won’t wilt and keeps its shape better. If you want to use fresh, it will be edible, so do what works best for you. I personally like the spinach route.

Start out making your holiday party charcuterie by placing the leaves in a circle. Spread them out so that they look like the base of a green wreath.

Here’s a tip that will help you use baby spinach: add it to the plate in layers. Spread the leaves out so that some of them hang over the plate and look like a fancy wreath.

adding greenery to Christmas charcuterie

Add Fresh Herbs For Texture

I used rosemary sprigs because they have the most amazing colors. Use them as close to fresh as you can. Rosemary turns brown as it dries out.

The fresh herbs will also give your charcuterie wreath stability. Set them close together and make the circle stronger. You can also try to layer in some fresh sage. It has a stunning light green color and the most amazing aroma.

As you add the herbs, keep spreading them out to make a solid base for the rest of the ingredients.

adding greenery to holiday party charcuterie

The Best Types Of Food To Add To A Christmas Charcuterie Wreath

Now you are ready to start layering your food! The most popular types of food to add to charcuterie boards are fruit, cubed cheese, crackers, and smoked meat (like pepperoni and salami).

Pay close attention to the colors you are using and try to add as much vibrance and contrast as possible. For example, since the base of the wreath is green, I used red grapes and raspberries instead of green grapes. Use both yellow and white types of cheese.

Some people add nuts to charcuterie boards. I didn’t add nuts because there wasn’t a good way to keep them on the wreath – they would just roll off. If you want to add some nuts to the charcuterie board, I suggest adding them to a small silicone mold and placing it in between the other ingredients.

Or, just place a few bowls of mixed nuts next to the wreath with a spoon in each. Guests can then scoop up as many as they want without disturbing the wreath.

adding cheese to Christmas charcuterie

How To Make A Christmas Charcuterie Wreath (VIDEO)

Split Up Colors And Textures Around The Wreath

My next tip is for you to be mindful of where you are placing all of the food. Separate them so that two of the same kind aren’t touching. Not only will this create a fantastic visual, but it is a lot of fun to pick over as you go around the wreath.

If you run out of room and have food leftover that you didn’t use, set it on a platter next to the wreath. That’s what I did with the crackers. They didn’t look quite right with the rest of the ingredients, so I added them to a plate next to the wreath. Guests can then pick up the crackers and construct their own little appetizers.

Christmas charcuterie dish

Sprinkle Smaller Fruit Around The Wreath

One of the best ways to fill in the holes in a charcuterie board is to use small pieces of fruit. That’s why I like raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries so much. The raspberries showed up the best in my green wreath. I felt like the blue or navy types of fruit wouldn’t show up as well.

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Sprinkle them around the entire wreath. They will enhance the overall color and beauty of the charcuterie board.

The finished product will be absolutely stunning! It’s almost as easy as making a sandwich.

holiday appetizer board

How to Make the Charcuterie Wreath Look It’s Best

This last tip is very important. White space isn’t your friend on charcuterie boards. Try to fill it as full as you can.

Above all, have fun with it! Add some decorative napkins, place this on your favorite platter, do whatever you want to make your charcuterie board your own.

Christmas charcuterie wreath with crackers

How To Store A Charcuterie Board

Since this wreath is so easy to make, I suggest building it just before the party. That way, the fruit, meat, and cheese won’t suffer quality deterioration after they are exposed to the air. If you want to do some food prep ahead of time, pre-chop the cheese and place the fruit in small, manageable bunches.

You could always prep everything but the crackers and cover with plastic wrap a few hours ahead of time, then pull it out before guests arrive and lay out the crackers (putting crackers on the wreath ahead of time will make them soggy and stale, no bueno.)

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There you go! A Christmas charcuterie wreath is so much fun! Not only does it look festive, but it will garner lots of compliments and can double as your table’s centerpiece too! Be sure to buy plenty of extra ingredients. If you are anything like me, you’ll want something to snack on as you build the charcuterie wreath. 😉

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how to make a charcuterie wreath

Ready to ditch the stress and have a calm holiday season?


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