Free Printable ‘BOO-ed’ Sign for Neighborhood Fun!


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These free printable ‘BOO-ed’ signs with printable BOO-ing instructions make it easy to surprise your neighbors and spread Halloween treats and cheer around the neighborhood. It’s easy to start the BOO-ing trend among your neighbors, and kids and adults will love the (not-so-spooky) fun!

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free printable BOO-ing signs and ideas for Halloween

A few years ago, one of our neighbors started a Boo-ing tradition where they left two BOO buckets on our doorstep at the beginning of October and the kids went BANANAS over it. It was such an unexpected treat and a fun way to build community in our brand-new neighborhood. Over the years, the tradition has continued but I found it hard to find easy to download printables to kick off the BOO-ing, so we decided to whip some up ourselves and of course wanted to share them with you.

fall wreath with 'We've Been BOO-ed' sign on front door

What is BOO-ing Your Neighbors?

If you’ve never heard of BOOing before, it’s like a fun version of ding-dong-ditch where instead of ringing the doorbell and running, you leave a bucket of Halloween treats behind! Signs placed inside the bucket have instructions on how to pay it forward by doing the same for two more neighbors, with the idea that by the end of the month the entire neighborhood will have been BOO-ed.

Halloween bucket with treats for neighborhood BOO-ing

How Do You BOO Your Neighbors?

Here’s how it works– create two buckets of goodies. Make copies of the BOOing instructions and ‘We’ve Been Boo-ed’ signs, and place one of each in each of the buckets. Now comes the fun part… head out into the neighborhood, leave a bucket on a doorstep, ring the bell, and RUN! The recipient will love the goodies and hopefully repeat the process for two more neighbors.

‘You’ve Been Boo-ed’ Ideas

BOO-ing doesn’t have to be expensive. For the containers, you can use inexpensive Halloween buckets, Halloween gift bags, or even plain shopping bags decorated with stickers and markers.

Teens don’t have to miss out on the fun, you can BOO them with gift cards to favorite stores or give scrunchies, lip balm, spiral hair ties, Pop Sockets, or other useful items that are popular nowadays (though I can’t believe SCRUNCHIES are back in style, this is blowing my mind.) Teenage boys are a bit of a mystery for me, any ideas what they would like are much appreciated in the comments!

While you’re at it, consider making a few ‘BOO’ buckets for teachers, too. Tuck in a few gift cards to favorite stores such as Target and Amazon, because our teachers rock and if you’ve ever had to teach 30 sugared-up sleep deprived kiddos the day after Halloween you’ll understand. 😉

For adults in the neighborhood, you can even make it into ‘You’ve Been BOOzed’ and leave a 6-pack of their favorite beverage on their doorstep. Just make sure an adult retrieves it. 😉

black cat Halloween gift bag with treats

What To Put in the Boo Buckets

I prefer to use non-candy treats, since the kids will be getting tons of candy on Halloween. Here’s what we put in ours, all were picked up at either Target, the Dollar Store, or HomeGoods:

Halloween toys for a BOO bucket

Free You’ve Been Boo-ed Printables

We have everything you need to BOO your neighbors, including the printable instructions (with poem!) and BOO signs. Click each title to download the free printables:

To download the Free Printable Boo-ed Sign (Single, double, and instructions) click below:

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'We've Been BOO-ed' sign

Download the Free Printable Boo-ed Sign

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'We've Been BOO-ed' sign

'We've Been BOO-ed' sign

Now comes the fun part… BOO-ing! Go out and BOO your friends and neighbors, and tag us on Instagram or Facebook if you use these printables so we can see them in action!!

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free printable BOO-ing signs and ideas for Halloween

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