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Organize your year and have fun doing it! This free printable 2023 planner has 17 inspirational planning pages, including daily, weekly, and weekend planning pages. You’ll also be able to see the entire year at a glance, keep all your passwords in one (offline) place, and even make tiny task lists. How much does it cost? NOTHING. It’s FREE!

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2023 planner on desk

I love the end of the year for so many reasons, but one big one is that I love making and sharing free planners with you! I’ve been sharing free printable planners on Making Lemonade since 2016, and design was chosen by our amazing Making Lemonade Insiders.

This 2023 free printable planner includes everything you need to stay organized all year long. Do you need daily planner pages? It’s in here! Weekly, monthly, or even an at-a-glance yearly calendar? All here, and all free!

free printable 2023 planner on desk

This is truly one of my favorite things I make, and I love hearing about how much you enjoy these free planners. I change the designs each year, but so many readers have mentioned that they reuse previous designs because they loved the look.

Since the planner pages aren’t dated, you can mix and match the sheets and print out the designs you love. Here are links to the previous years, along with their designs:

This year’s free 2023 printable planner’s theme is plants and houseplants. This theme is perfect for 2023 because it reminds us that we are always growing, just like our houseplants. It’s also a fresh start to the new year, so a perfect time to face the sunlight and reach new heights.

free printable 2023 planner with plants on table

Free printable daily planner

Let’s look a bit closer at what you’ll get when you download this free planner. First, it has daily planning sheets.

These daily pages are the perfect place to write down your daily to-do lists, goals, and appointments. You can even schedule out your day – it has 30-minute time blocks you can use.

There’s even a place to organize your weekend schedule too.

Ready to elevate your planning game?

Discover our full range of stylish printable planners, including undated versions, current designs, and exciting new layouts!

Free Printable Weekly Planner

If the daily pages are too detailed, there are weekly planning pages inside as well. You can see the entire week at once, writing down your appointments and commitments.

Some people also use the weekly planner to write out their menus and shopping lists.

free printable 2023 planner pages

Free printable monthly 2023 calendars

Since I will email you this planner digitally, you can print out as many copies of the pages you use most. Print out one monthly page to display on your bulletin board at home, and keep the other one in your purse.

Additional planning pages included

There are 17 fantastic pages in this free printable 2023 planner! Check out these extra bonuses that are included:

  • Year-At-A-Glance – Whether you want to use it to count out weeks or pick out when to take a vacation, it’s so nice to see the entire year on one page.
  • Passwords – Create secure passwords and write them down on a printed piece of paper. This way, you will prevent your accounts from being hacked.
  • Tiny Tasks Checklist – Split up your biggest tasks into smaller, more manageable tiny tasks. Use this space to create doable things you can check off your list.
  • Weekend Dashboard– Work hard, play hard, right? YES! Plan out your fun weekends with our weekend dashboard.
free printable 2023 planner

How to use the free printable 2023 planner

I love how versatile this planner is, and you will too! Instead of buying a pre-made planner, this one lets you choose which pages to print, which to use, and which ones to ignore.

Because let’s face it, no two people use planners the same exact way. You deserve full control over your planner and calendars. I’m a firm believer that these tools need to work for you.

Ready to grab one and start planning?

Here’s the best way to use the free printable 2023 planner:

  • First, download the file and open it.
  • Then, be sure to scroll through ALL the pages.
  • Next, choose which ones you want to use and print them out.
  • Lastly, hole-punch the pages and place them in a 3-ring binder.

Now, you are ready to organize your year!

free printable 2023 planner

How to download your free printable 2023 planner

It’s super easy to grab your free printable 2023 planner. All you have to do is CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW, enter your email, and the download for the planner will be sent directly to your inbox!

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Easily shop planner favorites by clicking the images below.

I hope you enjoy your free printable 2023 planner. I’d love to hear how you’re using it. I also enjoy hearing your suggestions for next year’s planner.

Grab your free printable 2023 planner by clicking the image below:

Love it? Pin the free planner so others can organize their lives this year too!

2023 planner on desk
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