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Looking for a free printable goal setting worksheet that works with both the seasons of the year and seasons of your life too? This Monthly Reflection .pdf worksheet works with your schedule and rhythms of life to achieve the goals you set, no matter how busy or hectic your life may feel!

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Wondering why most New Year’s Resolutions fail? When setting goals, people often skip the most important step- and that’s reflecting on what worked and what didn’t (and then making tweaks to change as needed). Reflection not only keeps the goal at the top of your mind, but also allows changes to ‘adjust your sails’ if forward progress isn’t happening.

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I’ve also found something that seems intuitive but surprises me every time– seasons move in rhythms. When I don’t adjust my goals to those rhythms, I fail.

For example, most goal setting happens in January which is a relatively quiet month where people are catching up after the holidays and getting back into a routine. What happens in February when there’s only 28 days? Or in the summer when the kids are home from school?

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Or in September when the kids go back to school and you think there’s going to be all this free time to get stuff done but then hurricanes come and everyone gets ‘back to school’ germs and you’re so busy catching up and getting back into a routine nothing new gets accomplished?!?!?! (just me, or does this happen to you as well?

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With that in mind, last summer I started keeping notes each month and the notes soon became indispensable. I whipped up a worksheet to use to make it more streamlined, then realized maybe you’d want a copy, too!

How do you fill out a goal setting reflection form?

Here’s what we’re tracking– there’s enough info to be helpful but not so much that it’s overwhelming or annoying to write each month.

  • what went well
  • what was challenging
  • events or rhythms that repeat yearly
  • what I learned
  • what I’d keep doing
  • what I’d change

Looking back, these reflections are SOLID GOLD.

They help me plan for the upcoming month and instead of fighting the rhythms of the season, adjust to them.

Monthly Reflection Worksheet on Clipboard

How do you use the monthly goal reflection form?

I printed out 12 copies, wrote the month on each, and stapled them together. Then, on my calendar I set a reminder to fill them out on the last day of the month (and honestly sometimes I pull them out and jot notes during the month as reminders pop into my head!)

Once you have a year of reflections, keep going! Use the previous year’s reflections to help you plan for the current season. Continue to write down notes because just as seasons of the year change, so do the seasons of your life as kids grow up and careers change and your goals mature. 🙂

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What did I notice with a Monthly Goal Reflection?

Do you notice seasons of your life get busier and calmer in a specific rhythm? I sure did!

Here’s a few rhythms that popped up:

  • seasons with my business– for example, people started posting about Christmas in OCTOBER! Personally I don’t love that, but as an entrepreneur I need to tweak my content to better align with that next year.
  • it took several weeks to get back into a routine after the holidays– and it didn’t happen on January 1st. It wasn’t until about January 15th that I started to regain a sense of normalcy!
  • I started cleaning my home every Wednesday morning. This is a time that I set aside just for cleaning and I notice if I skip it.
  • I’m guessing most school-aged parents can related to the craziness of ‘Maycember’. May is as busy as December, and I can’t be trusted to plan for anything except treading the proverbial water! No major events or business initiatives can be planned for May so I can focus on my kids.

I’ve learned so much about when to push for my goals and when to keep them simple and move with the seasons thanks to this little worksheet. I hope you find it helpful too.

Let me know if you use the Monthly Reflection printable and how it helps you reach your goals!

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