Free Printable Target Gift Card Holder (Teacher Gift Idea)

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Download this free printable Target gift card holder for teachers. Whether you’re giving this gift for the holidays, teacher appreciation week, or as an end-of-year teacher gift, this gift card holder is the perfect way to give a teacher appreciation gift that they’ll love.

Looking for even more gift ideas for teachers? Why not gift these cute DIY leather diffuser earrings along with a relaxing essential oil? Or, grab a plant and add these free printable teacher appreciation gift tags!

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The end of the school year is an exciting, busy, and also emotional time of year. So, it is a great time to show your child’s teacher how much you all appreciate them. A Target gift card is the perfect gift for all teachers!

What to Give Teachers

It’s the end of the school year, and you are probably wondering, “what is a good gift for teachers they will actually like?” The last thing we want to do is gift a hard-working teacher with a gift that feels more like a burden than something truly appreciated!

Since there is no way to know how many coffee mugs they already have or whether they hate chocolate, gift cards are always a great option to give teachers. It’s a bit more thoughtful than cash but just as useful. Plus, the experience of shopping can often feel like a gift in itself after a long day in the classroom!

materials to make a target gift card holder for teachers

Free Printable Target Gift Card Holder for Teachers

These printable gift card holders are specifically for Target gift cards. I chose that store for many reasons.

First, who doesn’t love Target? They have everything there! Free money to Target is one of the best gifts anyone can receive. It’s such a fun place to shop and has practically everything you need (not just what you want).

I also chose Target because it has a really fun pun. These printable gift card holders say, “Thanks for keeping me on Target this year!” Isn’t that cute?

The other set of free printable gift card holders says, “I hit the bullseye with you as my teacher!”

Both puns play on Target’s name – and who better to appreciate a good pun besides an educator?

printable teacher gift tags for Target gift cards

How to Give Gift Cards to Teachers

There are a few different ways to give gift cards to teachers without feeling like you are just throwing them a last-minute gift that requires little thought (not that it matters if it’s a last-minute gift, trust me, teachers will appreciate gift cards regardless!)

But if you do want to zhush it up, here’s a few ideas to take the gift card to the next level. Pick out your favorite from these simple ideas:

1. In a Bouquet of Flowers

Snag one of those bouquets of flowers you see at the grocery store. Print these free gift card holders, and then just place the card in the bouquet of flowers. You can either use a floral pick that is designed to hold cards or attach it to the bottom of the bouquet with a rubber band.

Check out this free printable teacher appreciation gift idea: a plant tag for seasonal plants or flowers.

2. In a Card

While you are at Target, grab a teacher appreciation card and place the gift card inside. If your child has some extra time, they can even make the card by hand.

If you don’t have a lot of extra time, just ask your child to write a quick little note inside the store-bought card. No matter which option you choose, you should always ask your child to contribute a small piece so that it is from them.

3. On Top of a Candy Bar

If you know the teacher’s favorite type of candy, then use a rubber band to attach the gift card on top! Tape or glue can work too.

You don’t have to know the teacher’s favorite type of candy. A plain Hershey bar is always a safe bet.

materials to make a free printable gift card holder for teacher appreciation

Of course, don’t feel bad if you really don’t have time for any of those options. Print one of these gift card holders and have your child write a personal note on the back. That will still have the same meaning and make the teacher just as happy.

How to Download the Teacher Target Gift Card Holder

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More DIY Teacher Gift Ideas

If you enjoyed these free Target gift card holders for teachers, then I have even more teacher gift ideas you should check out next. Stop stressing about what to give educators – there are plenty of options out there!

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