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Free printable weekly planner from Making Lemonade Blog


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When your mom calls and asks if you’re okay because you haven’t blogged this week, you know it’s bad. Truthfully, I am stillllll working on restoring all the photos from the Great Computer Crash of 2016 (ugh) to add to the approximately eleven billion posts I have in drafts. The posts are just sitting there forlornly, waiting for photos to make them shine. So it thrilled me to no end that there were requests for a free printable weekly planner to partner with the daily version I recently posted because I can do that without restoring my photos! I’ve wanted one for my own personal use for awhile, so your gentle push was exactly what I needed to get ‘er done. So here you have it– by popular request– a FREE printable weekly planner with space to write your events, goals, to-dos, meal plans, and more. Basically, it’s a goal slayer. Use both and you’ll be unstoppable!

Here’s how I recommend using it. On Sunday, print one copy of the weekly planner and five of the daily planner.

Either staple them together using the weekly planner as a cover sheet, or three hole punch and stick them in your Command Center binder. PS: I use this hybrid notebook/binder as my ‘Command Center’ and loooooove it! Cover folds over like a spiral bound but it has rings so opens like a binder. Also, I’m a self-proclaimed office supply nerd.

How to Use the Weekly Planner

  1. Events and Appointments: Start by writing down your appointments, events, and obligations on the calendar portion. (hellllo, sports practices!)
  2. Must-Do: Then, write down your goals for the week in the ‘must do’ section. These are your non-negotiable, MUST GET THEM DONE items for the week.
  3. Use the calendar portion to figure out when you can schedule your goals– check off the box next to the goal on the day you plan to get it done.
  4. Should-Do: Then, add in your ‘should do’ items. These are tasks that should get done by the end of the week but don’t need to be ‘scheduled’.
  5. Meal Plan: Use this to plan your meals– on busy days, make easy meals. Lighter days? Um, probably still easy meals. 😉 We note which are pizza nights, leftover nights, etc.
  6. Shopping List: I use an app for my grocery shopping, so here’s where I jot down incidentals I need to buy OR if my phone isn’t handy and I think of a grocery item I’ll write it here too.

I’m not kidding, this printable planner combo is really all you need to organize your entire life. I’ve gotten more done in less time using this system than any other. Give it a try and let me know how it’s working for you.

Now, back to restoring my files. I’m so thankful I have a backup, now I just need to get them BACK ON MY DARN COMPUTER so we can move on. I’ve added ‘wine’ to my shopping list a little too much this month. 😉


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