Secret Trick for Removing Sap from Hands in Seconds!

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We’ve been out in the yard every weekend clearing what appears to be about fifty billion tons of leaves and pine needles.  And by ‘we’ I mean the the adults, because my kids are simply jumping in the piles.  THE NERVE.  Actually my daughter does try to help, then gets distracted, and HEY LOOK IS THAT A SQUIRREL?!  Anyways, with all the fall clean-up comes the inevitable sticky, sap covered hands and clothing but I have the BEST trick for getting it off in mere seconds.  Ready?

How to Get Sap off Hands and Clothing

Rubbing alcohol.

It’s that easy.  It’s the magical sap eraser.  Soak a cottonball or washcloth with rubbing alcohol and rub it on clothing or skin to remove the sap.  Here my sweetie is modeling the magic– the BEFORE is on the right, the AFTER on the left.

How to Get Sap off Hands and Clothing

Go try it.  I’ll wait.

How to Get Sap Off Hands and Clothing in Seconds!

SEE?  Isn’t that amazing?!

No more sappy, sticky hands or clothing.  Which means no excuses for not raking of those pine needles, darn it!

Here’s a few more handy tips if you’re visiting from The Space Between today and looking for that kinda thing.  😉

I’ll be back later with more of our 31 Days of 15 Minute Decorating Ideas, but I wanted to share this quick tip for removing sap off hands and clothing in case you’re dealing with sap this season too!

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