21 Best Pantry Organization Ideas On Amazon


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Are you ready to get your pantry in order once and for all? To make the most of the space, you’ll need to have a few supplies on hand. Here are 21 budget-friendly pantry organization ideas that work whether you have a small pantry or walk-in pantry space, and you can get them all on Amazon!

Need more pantry organization ideas? No problem. I compiled my best pantry organization tips and tricks here. Plus, you can grab some free printable labels for your pantry too!

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21 Must-Have Pantry Organization Supplies

I used to find myself routinely “starting from scratch” in my efforts to keep the pantry organized. Without the right storage and structure, the pantry quickly morphs from order to chaos! If you can relate, I’ve got great news – pantry organization IS possible, especially if you have the right tools.

how to organize any size pantry for maximum food and household storage!

The key is to get containers that are cohesive. Either all of the same style, or a few styles that look great together. It doesn’t matter if you use bins from The Dollar Store or The Container Store, your pantry will look like a professional organized it if you keep the containers cohesive. Of course, Amazon also has everything you need so I’m highlighting my favorite pantry organizers from Amazon that give you a cohesive, tidy look.

how to organize any sized pantry (small spaces to a walk-in pantry) for maximum food and household storage!

Personally, I decant all my groceries into containers and bins because it makes it SO much easier to see how much we have left, streamlines grocery shopping, and makes the pantry look beautiful and easy to organize. Put some of these free printable labels on the containers and your pantry will be the talk of the neighborhood.

how to organize any size pantry for maximum food and household storage!

Check out these helpful products if you want to bring sustainable organization to your pantry– and the good news is you can get them on a budget.

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1 // Wooden Storage Bins

These pretty bins have a modern farmhouse vibe! You can use these in the pantry to group together like items. 

2 // Clear Lazy Susan

Give it a spin to find your favorite oil or spice. I love how there are edges to keep anything from falling out. 

3 // Stackable Wooden Bins

Use up all your vertical space with these stackable bamboo storage bins. 

4 // Glass Canister With Wooden Lid (similar)

I’ve always loved the look of wooden lids on glass canisters. This product raises the bar because a silicon ring keeps items fresh, too!

5 // Large Wicker Basket (similar)

These baskets are the perfect size to store a collection of snacks in your pantry. 

6 // Grocery Bag Dispenser

Are your plastic bags driving you crazy? Corral them together attractively in this sleek utilitarian grocery bag dispenser! 

7 // White Storage Bins

The white color choice is fun, modern, and easy to wipe clean! It is handy for items like potatoes and onions that tend to “roll” away when not in a structured environment.

8 // Broom And Mop Holder

If you have a deep pantry that also stores cleaning devices, this product will keep those cleaning tools off the floor! 

9 // Wire Storage Basket

This product can totally bring a custom look to your pantry because you can buy the same organizing bin in multiple sizes! 

10 // Black Wall Hooks (similar)

These hooks are SUPER easy to install! They come with the hardware you need, too. These are great to use inside of a pantry for apron storage or reusable bags.

11 // Clear Organizer Bin

Because these bins are clear, it is easy to see what you have – and what you may need to add to your shopping list!. They are the perfect size for tea boxes, too!

12 // Glass Penny Jar With Metal Lid

Using these vintage-styled glass jars will add a touch of nostalgia to your pantry. When you scoop out oats (or my favorite quinoa-oatmeal mix), you’ll feel like you are behind the counter in an old general store.

13 // Glass Canister With Lid

These are also great for that touch of nostalgia. The larger, more vertical size is perfect if you have the space for them – they’ll definitely hold their share of dry goods.

14 // Spice Jar Labels (similar)

Have you transferred your spices to uniform bottles (such a clean look), but now you need some cute labels? Look no further! 

15 // Kitchen Cabinet Liner

These shelf liners are perfect for the pantry – they do not require adhesion. And when dirty, they can be washed. 

16 // Stacking Wire Basket With Label

Labels are the BEST way to make sure your organization efforts in your pantry stay sustainable. 

17 // Expandable Spice Rack

Here is one of my favorite pantry organization supplies. This expandable stair step rack works very well if you don’t have a spice drawer. The height difference displays your all of spices, which makes it easy to grab just what you need.

18 // Food Storage Containers

These stackable containers are PERFECT to use in the pantry to store and organize small amounts of nonperishables. 

19 // Can Organizer Bins

The best pantry product for anyone who has ever had the painful experience of a can falling on their toes! Keep those sparkling waters (or whatever your canned drink of choice is) tidied up in one of these.

20 // Bamboo Lazy Susan

The bamboo is easy to clean and lazy susan’s are always a space game-changer. The possibilities are endless here.

21 // Cereal Dispenser Set

Cereal stays fresh longer – and little hands seem to have less spills when pouring from one of these as opposed to a clunky box.

collage of pantry organization ideas

Looking for more pantry organizational ideas?

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Are you ready to tackle organizing your pantry once and for all? Investing in cohesive pieces is the key.

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Once you set up your pantry with cohesive bins/containers, labels, and a system then maintaining it becomes a cinch. Plus, you can do it without breaking the bank by finding organization supplies with free Prime shipping on Amazon, free pick-up at Target, or finding dupes at The Dollar Store or even thrift stores if you’re up for a treasure hunt.

Now what are you waiting for?! Go forth and organize!

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collage of pantry organization ideas
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