9 Clever Uses for Lemon Essential Oil

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If you’ve been thinking about dipping your toe into the essential oil world, there is no better place to begin than lemon oil! Here are 9 must-know lemon oil uses to get you started.

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9 Lemon Essential Oil Uses

Lemon oil is like the LBD (without a designer price-tag) of essential oils!

SERIOUSLY! Lemon essential oil is SO versatile. You’re going to fall in love with it. And, lucky for you: lemon oil is one of the most cost-effective oils! Plus, because of its low price-tag, any lifestyle changes that you make to incorporate lemon oil can be sustainable and easy on any budget!

Keep reading to learn more about popular lemon oil uses like: 

  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Carpet cleaner
  • Fruit and veggie wash
  • Removing grease stains
  • Making hardwood floors shine
  • Houseplant care
  • Insta-purifier 
  • Shower spray
  • Jewelry cleaner

But, before reading more about the various uses, check out the benefits of using lemon oil.

Lemon Essential Oil Benefits

Have you ever smelled lemon oil and instantly felt brighter and more alert? 

You’re not alone! Lemon oil is touted to have mood-lifting qualities. It’s also incredibly useful.

Why is lemon essential oil so amazing? Is it because it is rumored to be able to eradicate bacteria? Or maybe it’s the antioxidant qualities of lemon oil that reportedly improve skin tone and brightness. For me, it is just the general feeling of a bright, sunny day that I have when catching a whiff of it!

Like all citrus oils, lemon oil has photosensitive qualities, so be careful if using it on skin that will be exposed to the sun. If it is used on skin, be sure to wear sunblock (in addition to trying to keep any skin areas covered!)

9 Must-Try Essential Oil Uses

Because lemon is such a power-house oil, it is a go-to in a lot of home cleaning recipes. PLUS, using lemon oil in these recipes means more chances to treat your olfactory senses to that uplifting smell!

I’m sharing 9 of my go-to recipes that showcase lemon essential oil.

Keep reading to see all of them!

1. All Purpose Cleaner with Lemon Oil Recipe

Use distilled water to elongate the shelf-life of your new “go-to” all-purpose cleaner! Storing the cleaner in a glass bottle will also lengthen its lifespan too.

all purpose cleaner with lemon recipe

2. Make a Carpet Cleaner

So, you can’t mix baking soda with vinegar (hello, science fair volcano!) – but you CAN mix together baking soda and lemon oil. Sprinkle it on your carpet and – voila! – instant clean and cheery!

carpet cleaner recipe

3. Fruit and Veggie Wash

This lemon bath will clean any harmful bacteria off your produce while also treating your sink to a good clean!

fruit and veggie wash recipe with lemon oil

4. Remove Grease Stains

Grease got you down? Keep your linens and garments grease-free by mixing Castile soap with lemon oil.

how to remove grease stains with lemon oil

5. Make Your Hardwood Floors Shine

Hardwood floors add so much warmth to a home. Unfortunately, they can also get scuff marks fairly easily. A few drops of lemon oil can take care of that! I’ve never had any issues using lemon oil on wood, but you may want to spot this one first…just in case.

how to clean hardwood floors with lemon oil

6. Help Your Houseplants Thrive

Trying to be a good plant-parent? Spraying lemon oil and water on your foliage can keep the bugs away!

how to use lemon oil on houseplants

7. Make an Insta-Purifier

We all value clean hands, especially these days. Add lemon oil to a product like an aloe vera gel and treat your (clean!) self. (Remember to use sunscreen!)

how to purify air with lemon oil

8. Make a Shower Spray

Keep this straight-shooting cleaner near or in your shower for quick refreshes! As a bonus, you’ll enjoy a whiff of lemon for some aromatherapy too.

shower spray recipe using lemon essential oil

9. Make a Jewelry Cleaner

Tarnished jewelry? Then this will be one of your favorite lemon essential oil uses! Breathe new life into jewelry by soaking a cleaning cloth in warm water with lemon oil.

how to clean jewelry with lemon oil

Where to Buy Lemon Essential Oil

Personally, I use and trust this brand of essential oils but you can find lemon oil in many stores such as Whole Foods and Amazon. Just make sure it’s pure and doesn’t have any fillers, which could contaminate or lessen your results.

Enjoy all of these real-life recipes that that showcase lemon essential oil uses! You’ll also be treating your home to the natural cleaning and healing qualities of lemon essential oil.

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