Seven (Really Great) Reasons to Organize Your Closets

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Okay, I added that {really great} part into the guest blogger’s title because the ideas are– you guessed it– really great!  I’m thrilled to have a guest post today from Aby Garvey of simplify 101 fame.  I discovered simplify 101 through a giveaway on Young House Love, and it was love at first sight (or… site, as it were).  On Aby’s site you will find organizing tips and articles as well as online courses for getting your life in shape– from organizing closets to taming paper clutter.  You can enter to win a spot in her online Organize Your Closet workshop simply by commenting on the giveaway post here.  And now, some wisdom on why we should embark on cleaning out those closets!

Seven Reasons to Organize Your Closets
Seven ways to organize your closets

Reason 1: The weather is changing and you want to buy some new clothes. And honestly, who
could blame you. There is a strong association between the change of seasons and buying new
clothes. You’ll save yourself time and money if you organize your closet first and shop second.
You’ll know what you already have and what you need to buy to freshen up your wardrobe for
the upcoming season.

Reason 2: An organized closet saves you time. With an organized closet there’s no more
hunting for that other black shoe, or getting 80% of an outfit on only to realize the missing
piece is missing a button (or still in the laundry.) When your closet is organized, it’s simple
to know what you have because you can see your clothes. This means getting dressed in the
morning is a quick and simple endeavor.

Reason 3: An organized closet gets your day started on the right foot. And who couldn’t use a
little less stress first thing in the day?

Reason 4: Your closet is small so it’s hard to keep it organized. If your closet is on the small
side, it is important to regularly go through your things and evaluate what you have and what
you don’t need any more. This helps keep clutter at bay, but also, once you go through the
organizing process, you can purchase space stretching storage solutions with confidence,
helping you make the most of your available storage space.

Reason 5: Your closet is big…and you know it’s filled with things you don’t really wear. While
a big closet feels like the answer to all your closet organizing dilemmas, a big closet can become
a clutter magnet. Did you know the average person only wears 20% of the clothes hanging
in their closet? That means 80% of what’s hanging in your closet (or jumbled on the floor)
is probably not being worn. It’s just cluttering up your closet and your mind. Clearing closet
clutter frees up time and space, and when your closet is organized you’ll actually feel like you
have more clothes…even if you really have fewer.


Hanging sweaters in the closet

Reason 6: An organized closet feels good! Have you ever done this? You reorganize your closet
and then give yourself excuses (for days, if not weeks) to just open the door and stare inside,
taking in all its orderly glory? If you have…then you know firsthand how great an organized
closet feels. And if you haven’t, then now is the time my friend!

Reason 7: An organized closet will save you money. An organized closet helps
prevent “mistake-wear”—things you purchase that turn out to be big mistakes (and therefore
just hang out in your closet reminding you of your mistake!) An organized and decluttered
closet makes it easier to identify the holes in your wardrobe, so you spend your clothing budget
wisely (and avoid mistake-wear.)

Thanks for the motivating reasons why it’s important to organize your closets, Aby!  If you’d like the in-depth how to organize them, be sure to enter the simplify 101 giveaway or sign up for the Organize Your Closets online workshop that starts in April.  Anyone else ready to tackle those closets yet?!?

images used with permission of simplify 101
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