You Say You Want a Resolution?

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Now I have that Beatle’s song stuck in my head.  But with the wrong words, so it’s not a good thing.

Here’s my issue with resolutions.  Mine tend to look like a to-do list, and truthfully my one resolution should be to not make any to-do lists.  But I can’t help it, they make me happy and it would be a hard habit to break.  With that in mind, my resolutions will not be things I can just check off as being “done” until December 31st, 2010.  Then I’d like to look back and say, “yeah, I did that!”  Maybe that will lead to less “to-do’s” and more attitude changes.

Because saying “get Noodle to eat, get Noodle to sleep, and have a healthy baby” is too simple for me, I wrote down the goals I have in mind for the new year (and let’s include the eating/ sleeping/ healthy new baby, too).

Here you go, my to-dos resolutions for 2010:

Work on being healthy:  

  • lose the baby weight faster (start by not gaining so much this time to begin with)
  • figure out what’s causing me so much physical pain and insomnia (have you seen the time I usually post?  The Late Late Show has got nothing on me!)
  • get back into running as soon as my c-section heals (run at least one race this year)
  • take a yoga class.

Work on simplifying:  

  • use my new slow-cooker to have delish dinners ready with little prep time
  • get a mother’s helper a few days a week to play with Noodle while I run errands and take care of the new little bundle of joy
  • find systems that make laundry/dishes/cleaning easier and faster so we have more family time
  • get rid of everything we don’t use/ want/ love/ need (hellllloooo, massive garage sale!)
  • buy LESS and use what we already have MORE!

Continue to improve our home to fit with our family: 

  • a new room for the baby
  • update the living room to fit our needs
  • new dining room furniture to increase storage and space
  • keep up the garden/landscaping to provide beauty and space to run and play.

Work on being ME:

  • learn how to use my new SLR camera
  • get my daughter’s charity off the ground by getting our second project started
  • carve out some time to follow through on these resolutions during what appears to be our busiest year ever!

I’d love to see what your resolutions are this year.  In fact, let’s do a linky!  If you posted your resolutions on your blog, feel free to link them up below.  Just enter your blog’s name where it says “your name”, and the url to your post (NOT just to your blog!) in the spot for the url.  If you don’t have a blog, please share in the comments.  Can’t wait to go blog hopping!  Wishing you a wonderful and blessed 2010!

{note: it didn’t come through on my reader, but there IS a Mr. Linky there if you visit my blog!}
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