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These free printable ‘You’ve Been Boozed’ bottle tags will bring Halloween fun to the adults in your neighborhood! A play on traditional neighborhood ‘Boo-ing’, this is the adult version of Halloween treats to surprise neighbors and friends.

Speaking of boozing, check out this Halloween Cocktail & Prosecco Bar. Or for the kid friendly version of this neighborhood game, we have free neighborhood Boo-ing printables too.

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Last year, we shared free neighborhood BOOing printables for Halloween fun for kids (not that Halloween isn’t already fun for kids, but this just added some spooky cheer leading up to it.) A few friends pointed out that they’d prefer ‘BOOzing’, and if any year was made for that, it’s 2020.

I mean, I started boozing back in March. 😉

Since ’tis the season to spread some cheer to your friends and neighbors, I’m sharing FREE printable You’ve Been BOOzed bottle tags, BOOzing ideas, and instructions on how to BOOze your neighbors. Keep reading for details!

front door with bottle of wine on doorstep

Hey Boo doormat from Etsy

Note that I did not print them in any fancy way. I should have used stock paper, or colorful paper in the least. But ‘done is better than perfect’ is my 2020 mood and I AM HERE FOR DOING IT THE QUICK AND EASY WAY. So plain printer paper it is, after all it’s more about what’s behind the tags then on them, amIright?!

wine bottle with You've Been Boozed tag

What does being BOOzed mean?

Similar to BOO-ing, being boozed is when a neighbor or friend anonymously leaves a treat on your doorstep. In this case, the treat is booze. Then you have 2 days to BOOze someone else. You can use whatever booze you wish (some ideas are below) and print out the tags for the receiver to know what to do next. Hang your ‘We’ve Been Boozed’ tag on your door so you don’t get boozed again (though, is that really so bad? It is 2020 after all.)

door with You've Been Boozed tag on door handle

You’ve Been Boozed Ideas

There’s several ‘spooky’ wines out there. I found 19 Crimes to have especially creepy bottles, as does Apothic. You can BOOze with beer too– there’s so many fall flavors out there! For actual brands, Jack Daniels Tennessee Apple or Fire, Fireball, or Mozart’s Pumpkin Spice do the trick. If you know someone is gluten-free, they’ll appreciate hard cider- Bold Rock is a sure bet!

19 Crimes wine bottle

How to Use Your You’ve Been Boozed Printables

You’ve Been Boozed Instructions

Here’s the instructions for starting off a BOOzing streak in your neighborhood. It’s a good idea to start with BOOzing two neighbors so it grows exponentially.

You've Been Boozed printable

Step One: Print out two sets of the ‘You’ve Been Boozed’ tags (see below for link to get them!)

Step Two: Cut out the tags and place one set on each wine bottle for a total of 2 BOOzed gifts.

Step Three: Anonymously leave one BOOzed gift on a neighbor’s doorstep! Feel free to ‘ring and run’ for some fun. Repeat the process with a second neighbor.

Step Four: Your part is done, now watch the neighborhood fun begin! Hopefully someone will BOOze you back soon. 🙂

you've been boozed tag on wine bottle

How to Download the BOOzed Printables

IMPORTANT: To get your free BOOed printable, simply click on the image below, provide your email address, and it will be sent to your inbox!

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door handle with 'You've Been BOOzed' tag

Hopefully this brings some happiness to your friends during this crazy season. In normal years, you could bring all your BOOze together and enjoy at a Halloween party, but for 2020 driveway drinking and Zoom hangouts may be the way to go. Either way, this is sure to surprise and delight your friends, and boy do we need it this year.

fall front door with wine bottle on doormat

Enjoy BOOzing responsibly, friends!

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