Yule Mule (Christmas Moscow Mule Cocktail Recipe)

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Introducing the perfect Christmas cocktail recipe- the Yule Mule! It’s a twist on the classic Moscow Mule and looks festive at holiday parties or quiet nights at home around the tree. Plus, the taste is delicious with flavors of cranberry, lime, and ginger beer. Raise your copper mug to this delicious Christmas cocktail recipe!

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Yule Mule Christmas cocktail in copper mugs

I don’t know if it’s the gorgeous copper mugs that first caught my eye or the tang of the ginger beer, but I’ve long been a fan of Moscow Mules so creating a Christmas version was high on my holiday to-do list.

Or perhaps it’s what helped me get the rest of my to-do list done. Wrapping gifts with a yummy cocktail like this one sure does make that task more pleasant, HA!

What is a Yule Mule?

A traditional Moscow Mule has vodka, lime juice, and ginger beer. Here, I added in cranberries to reflect the season.

The cranberry juice mixes beautifully with the ginger beer, and look festive too.

Yule Mule Christmas cocktail

Really, it’s the perfect holiday drink! Yule Mules are great for holiday parties because they’re easy to make, or as a special drink when sitting by your glowing Christmas tree.

hand holding Yule Mule by Christmas tree

What type of glassware do you use for a Yule Mule?

Moscow Mules are traditionally served in copper mugs, and personally I love the look. However, you can also serve them in old fashioned glasses or glass mugs too (to show off all those gorgeous colors.)

Moscow Mule in copper mug

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How do you make a Yule Mule?

A few notes about making Yule Mules before we get to the full recipe:

  • I personally prefer using an organic, unsweetened cranberry juice for this recipe but if you like sweeter drinks you can use cranberry cocktail juice.
  • The type of ginger beer you use does matter. Use a brand you love! Personally, my favorite is Fever Tree because it’s not too spicy but it does have a kick along with a wonderful flavor.
  • You can throw everything in the mug over ice, but I prefer to use a shaker for the non-carbonated ingredients because it mixes them well while chilling them immediately.

Yule Mule

Festive take on the classic Moscow Mule cocktail, with yummy cranberry and orange flavors mixed with zesty ginger beer and vodka.
Course: beverage
Cuisine: American
Keyword: Christmas recipe, cocktail, holiday recipe
Servings: 2


  • 6 oz ginger beer
  • juice of 1 lime (about 1 1/2 ounces)
  • 2/3 cup cranberry juice
  • 4 oz vodka
  • rosemary sprigs (garnish)
  • orange slices (garnish)
  • ice


  • Add ice to a cocktail shaker, and add in the cranberry juice, lime juice, and vodka. Shake.
  • Add ice to mugs. Pour the strained mixture from the cocktail shaker over the ice.
  • Top with ginger beer, and add garnish of rosemary, cranberries, and/or oranges. Serve immediately and enjoy!

How do you garnish a Yule Mule?

Use what you have! Here’s a few of our favorites for garnishing, all look good in the cocktail and taste great too:

  • fresh rosemary sprigs
  • orange slices
  • cranberries
  • orange slices
  • lime wedges
  • cinnamon sticks
Yule Mule with cranberries
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Truth be told, your version will look a little different than the ones I photographed. We took these photos last year and the ice melted during our photoshoot! But boy was it fun to play with the cranberries, oranges, and copper mugs.

Yule Mule cocktails in copper mugs

Whether you’re sipping these in front of the fireplace or serving at a future gathering when the world goes back to normal, I hope you enjoy this holiday take on the class Moscow Mule recipe. It’s one of my favorites.

Bottom line: if you’re looking for a Christmas cocktail recipe with a kick, you’ll love these Yule Mules!

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Yule Mule in copper mug with text that says How to Make Yule Mules

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