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31 Quick Spring Cleaning Tips

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31 Quick and Easy Spring Cleaning Tips via #spring #cleaning #31days

affiliate-disclosure As previously promised, I’ve rounded up 31 of the BEST spring cleaning tips to go along with the free printable spring cleaning calendar. It hasn’t felt too much like spring around these parts, but I just know it’s around the corner somewhere. Hopefully not TOO far around the corner, am I right? As soon as the spring air DOES hit, you’ll be ready with your calendar and these 31 tips in hand!

31 Quick and Easy Spring Cleaning Tips via #spring #cleaning #31days

Just a reminder, the calendar works ‘top-down’, so it starts at the top of your rooms and goes to the bottom. That being said, you can do the tasks in any order that works for you. I’ve organized the tips to go along with each day, so these tips are ‘top-down’ as well– BOO-YAH! Just don’t clean with YOUR top down. Or, hey, I’m not going to judge if that’s what works for you. As long as your house gets clean, it’s all good.

31 Quick and Easy Spring Cleaning Tips via #spring #cleaning #31days

Print out the calendar, get your cleaning bucket ready, and let’s tackle this thing for 15 minutes a day. Click the link under each photo for more information about that task. Here you go, 31 Days of EASY Spring Cleaning Tips and Strategies!

Day 1: Dust Ceiling Fans and Light Fixtures

Slide an old pillowcase over the fan blade and simply wipe the dust into the pillowcase! You’ll protect your floors (and yourself) from falling dust, and when finished simply shake the dust into the trash or outdoors and wash the pillowcase for next time you need to clean the fan blades.

31 Quick and Easy Spring Cleaning Tips via #spring #cleaning #31days {source: Real Simple}

Day 2: Wash Mini-Blinds

Here’s how I wash the mini-blinds. It sounds crazy but it works. I take the entire unit down and soak it in the tub. Then, I scrub them with mild soap and warm water. This works because it gets them REALLY clean and you don’t smear dust and dirt everywhere!

31 Quick and Easy Spring Cleaning Tips via #spring #cleaning #31days {source: eHow}

Day 3: Wash, Dust or Steam Clean Curtains

Use your steam cleaner to steam clean your curtains, or find out how to wash curtains manually here.

31 Quick and Easy Spring Cleaning Tips via #spring #cleaning #31days

Day 6: Wash Windows

Time to tackle your windows and let that sunshine inside. Here’s how to make your own window cleaner for a streak-free shine. Using a squeegee also helps get your windows perfectly streak-free and clean!

31 Quick and Easy Spring Cleaning Tips via #spring #cleaning #31days {source: Made From Pinterest }

Day 7: Clean Window Sills and Sashes

Now that your windows are clean, get in and clean those sills. Tools like Q-tips really help get into the cracks and crevices (read more about that here). Now you can have your windows open without the dirt that built up over winter blowing everywhere!

31 Quick and Easy Spring Cleaning Tips via #spring #cleaning #31days {source: Ask Anna}

Day 10: Clean Inside Fridge and Freezer

One of my favorite cleaners for the fridge is good ol’ fashioned baking soda because it’s gritty but soft and non-toxic. You really don’t want chemical vapors trapped in your fridge, so this is one place I really like to use natural cleaners. When finished, put down plastic placemats to protect your hard work. Links below the photos give more information about each trick.

31 Quick and Easy Spring Cleaning Tips via #spring #cleaning #31days {source: Making Lemonade}

31 Quick and Easy Spring Cleaning Tips via #spring #cleaning #31days {source: A Pretty Life}


Day 12: Wipe Down and Clean Appliances

Give the outside of all your appliances, big or small, a good once-over. If you have stainless steel, you can read my review of SteelMeister here. It works really well and protects against future fingerprints. Make sure to clean coffee-makers, toasters, and other countertop appliances too!

31 Quick and Easy Spring Cleaning Tips via #spring #cleaning #31days {source: Making Lemonade}

Day 13: Clean Oven (Inside)

Oh, the dreaded oven cleaning! Here’s something I first heard from the salesman who sold us our oven, and then several times since: using the autoclean function on your oven is actually VERY damaging and can reduce the lifespan of the appliance. Apparently the high heat really does a number on your stove. With that in mind, I manually clean my oven and haven’t used the auto clean function yet. Made from Pinterest shares her tips for cleaning an oven, and Budget Savvy Diva shares how to clean your oven racks.

31 Quick and Easy Spring Cleaning Tips via #spring #cleaning #31days {Source: Made from Pinterest}

31 Quick and Easy Spring Cleaning Tips via #spring #cleaning #31days {source: Budget Savvy Diva}


Day 14: Clean Stovetop

This job isn’t super fun, especially if you have grime built-up on the stovetop, but can be tackled. Useful tips can be found by clicking the link below the photo. You can also use a steam cleaner to help– it really gets off old grease and grime!

31 Quick and Easy Spring Cleaning Tips via #spring #cleaning #31days

{source: Good Housekeeping}

Day 15: Wash and Sanitize Doorknobs

Did anyone in your home get sick this winter? Then you’ve probably already done this, but it’s always good to do it again and start fresh. I use Lysol wipes for this task– did you know you can make your own? Here’s the tutorial for how to make homemade Lysol wipes. Now go zap all those little germies– and while your at it, hit up the phone and remote control too. Talk about harboring germs– yuck!

Day 16: Wash Blankets and Throws

Time to wash the blankets! Check out these tips for getting rid of stinky smells and softening laundry naturally. If it’s warm enough, you can store them until fall. Space Bags are the PERFECT way to do this and save space at the same time.

31 Quick and Easy Spring Cleaning Tips via #spring #cleaning #31days {source: Making Lemonade}

 Day 19: Clean Seals and Filter in Washing Machine

I have a Bosch dishwasher and it words GREAT except I do need to clean the filter every few weeks. Not a big deal at all, I just need to remember to do it. You’ll also want to clean the inside your dishwasher and the seals too; Apartment Therapy shows you how.

31 Quick and Easy Spring Cleaning Tips via #spring #cleaning #31days

Day 20: Clean Lint from Dryer

This could possibly be the most important tip here, because it can keep you safe from an accidental fire. YOU MUST clean the lint from your dyer! This simple tool works wonders in cleaning out lint from your dryer and you can use it for your fridge too. I keep it next to my dryer and clean out the link every few weeks.

Day 21: Clean Washer and Dryer

Yup, the appliances that clean your clothes also need to be cleaned occasionally as well. Love, Pomegranate House shows you how to clean your washing machine.

31 Quick and Easy Spring Cleaning Tips via #spring #cleaning #31days

{source: Love, Pomegranate House }

Day 23:  Sanitize Bathroom Fixtures

Again, the best way to make sure they are reallllly sanitized is to use a steam cleaner like the one mentioned above. But certainly giving the grime around the edges and all the fixtures a good scrubbing/wipe-down will be helpful!

31 Quick and Easy Spring Cleaning Tips via #spring #cleaning #31days {source: Making Lemonade}

Day 24: Wash Bath Toys/Tub Mats

My favorite way to clean bath toys is to put them in a lingerie bag and throw them in the washing machine with a cup of vinegar. Vinegar sanitizes safely, and the washing machine gets the yuck off of them. More tips are linked below the photo.

31 Quick and Easy Spring Cleaning Tips via #spring #cleaning #31days

{source: We Love Being Moms}


Day 25: Scrub Tub and Toilets

If you’re going to scrub your tub, use this amazing homemade tub cleaner! As for toilets, How Does She shares the best way to clean them… naturally. Link is below photo.

31 Quick and Easy Spring Cleaning Tips via #spring #cleaning #31days {source: How Does She?}

31 Quick and Easy Spring Cleaning Tips via #spring #cleaning #31days {source: Making Lemonade}

Day 26: Wash Shower Curtains and Shower Doors

Love the tip below from 320 Sycamore! Head over there for more cleaning tips and ideas. If your shower curtain or liner are in really bad shape, replace them– it only costs a few dollars but makes SUCH a difference.

31 Quick and Easy Spring Cleaning Tips via #spring #cleaning #31days

 Day 27: Clean Grout and Reseal

Yes, you really CAN get your grout that clean NATURALLY and with very little effort. Here’s how to clean grout using two secret ingredients– it’s one of the most popular posts on my blog, too. :)

31 Quick and Easy Spring Cleaning Tips via #spring #cleaning #31days

 Days 28-31: Baseboards, Rugs, and Carpets

The rest of the calendar is pretty self explanatory. If you have a lot of carpets to wash, you might want to call in the pros or rent a rug cleaner. Throw rugs can usually go right in the washing machine unless they’re a fussy material– check the label to be sure.

There you have it– 31 days of cleaning tips to help MAXIMIZE the cleaning and MINIMIZE your time and effort– from the top of your home to the bottom. Do you have any cleaning tips to share? Cleaning tasks you dread, or ones you don’t mind as much? Please share!

31 Quick and Easy Spring Cleaning Tips via #spring #cleaning #31days

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  1. Anna says:

    Thanks for including me Carrie! :)


  2. Heather says:

    Love the tip for the top down cleaning method. Makes perfect sense, but never really thought about it before.

  3. My daughter tossed in some cardboard with my laundry yesterday, so this is timely: I need to clean out that washing machine now! Thanks for the tips.

  4. Caitlin says:

    saving this! I just went crazy cleaning my house for my parents visit. I could’ve used this!

  5. Even in our small rental, I have at least half of these to do this Spring! I love this list!

  6. Rhonda says:


    Love it all! I appreciate the calendar the most, tips are always wonderful. Family of 5, blister pace schedule. And when is the house going to get done? I can delegate some of these assignments and with a handy-dandy calendar you have graciously made for those who love the same things as you, we will be able to enjoy the summer rather than spend it cleaning. Thank you!

    • Rhonda, I’m so glad you like it! That’s awesome you can delegate tasks– my kiddos are still too young. I’m sure your family is as busy are ours, so I aim for ‘liveable’ rather than ‘perfect’ when it comes to cleaning and that helps a lot. ;-)

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