Art with Kids: Letting Go

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Noodle and Mama are at it again.  One recent rainy day, as is our custom, the moment Bee’s head hit the proverbial pillow for his morning nap we pulled out the paint.  Painting with kids is messy.  It’s sloppy.  But it’s sooooooo fun for one of us, and I don’t want to squash the absolute abandon with which Noodle paints.

First, we tie on the smock.

Then lay out the plastic tablecloth.  Easels are wonderful, but for this task (gallery wrapped canvas) that wouldn’t work.

The key to painting with Noodle: WASHABLE paint.  I gave her the choice between fingerpaint or using a brush and she wanted to use fingers.

Blank canvases are so full of hope.

And the moment that paint hits the paper… watch out!  Noodle is in her glory.

After quite a bit of pointing where she wanted the next drop of paint {and in which color} we ended up with this masterpiece:

Yeah, it wasn’t until it was drying on the counter that I realized it reminded me of something else.

Wilson the Volleyball from Castaway, perhaps?

Ah, well.  I know a YiaYia that will still love it.  Until I fill this wall with more family photos on canvas, Noodle’s masterpieces liven things up.  Even if the bottom one reminds me of the volleyball Tom Hanks talks to during the longest movie ever.

Art.  There is so much good in it.  Sometimes you’ve got to take a big gulp and let ‘er rip, paint splatters (and creepy volleyball likenesses) and all!

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