DIY Butterfly Wall Art (Nursery Decor)

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During a quick trip to NYC I found these gorgeous feather butterflies and knew they’d be perfect for an easy DIY wall art project for my little girl’s new aqua and blue bedroom. This particular project was whimsical and fun, the only problem being that I keep finding my daughter climbing on the nightstand underneath to play with the pretty butterflies.  Whoops.

DIY butterfly wall art for girls bedroom

If you’ve spent some time blog hopping, you’ve probably seen those those adorable faux butterfly “collections” made with paper butterflies {like this one, cut from vintage magazines}.  So when I saw a set of handpainted butterflies made from feathers while shopping in NYC I knew I had to have them.  For $12, they were the perfect color and size for something fun.  You can find similar feather butterflies on Amazon, too (affiliate link).  As much as I love the symmetry of the other versions, I knew my butterflies wanted to fly free.  😉

DIY butterfly wall art for girls bedroom

But first things first.  The frame started out as a $3 painting from the thrift store.  Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure it’s a paint-by-number and not a priceless work of art.  😉

I spray painted the entire piece white and let it dry.

DIY butterfly wall art for girls bedroom

Once dry, I painted the middle with leftover Misty Aqua from Noodle’s room makeover.  After THAT dried, all I had to do was hot glue the butterflies, hang it up, and then glue a few to the wall and moulding in strategic places.

Butterfly Girls Nursery Wall Art

DIY butterfly wall art for girls bedroom

Butterfly Wall Art (perfect for a girls' bedroom)

Butterfly Girls Nursery Wall Art

Now it sits right above her basket of bedtime stories.

For some reason these butterflies make me happy.  At some point, I’ll add other works of “art” to fill in the space next to it– but for now, it makes the room feel fresh and fun.

Aqua and Blue Girls Bedroom

Noodle’s room is definitely my new favorite in the house because it’s so whimsical, colorful, and amazingly easy to keep clean.  As a parting shot, you can kinda see the paper butterflies perching on these lanterns from her first birthday party.  I’m nothing if not a re-puposer {is that a word?}  She loves the butterflies!
Aqua and Blue Girls Bedroom
Inexpensive handmade art for a fun and whimsical girls’ bedroom– with butterflies.  Gotta have the butterflies.  What treasures have you found in your travels that can turn into works of art?
DIY butterfly wall art for girls bedroom


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