Home Preschool: An Update

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I’ve been terrible about updating you on our Home Preschool adventures.  Ever since I wrote about how being special sometimes sucks, it’s been too difficult to blog about my disappointment that Noodle wasn’t able to attend her little preschool class.  We did start doing activities at home but it was fairly random and haphazard.  There was a need for a new system, and it had to be simple enough to do every day and fun enough to capture Noodle’s interest.

Enter the big board ‘o fun.  Yeah, that’s what I actually call it.  Our Fun Board.  Not too original with the names right now.  Or the board, for that matter.  Looks like it already needs some spiffing up.

Noodle doesn’t mind.  All she cares about is that every day she gets to pull a card from one of those white bags, and the card tells us something fun that we are about to do!

With a schedule in place, it’s easy to stick to our task for the day.  I decided on the following categories of fun:

* Art
* Music
* Fine Motor Skills
* Gross Motor Skills
* Pretend Play (not listed on a specific day, we pull from this bag if we have extra time)
* OT (stands for the Occupational Therapy she gets every week)

I wrote activities on cards, labeled each with the category in which it belonged, and put them in the corresponding bags.  The activities were comprised of projects for which I didn’t need to pre-plan.  I made sure to have any special items needed close at hand so that set-up would be quick and easy.

Then… we play!  We go to the board, look at the day, and Noodle pulls a card from that bag.  It takes a few minutes to set up the activity and then we go for it.  Sometimes we can even do two of them before Bee wakes up.  I work hard to incorporate concepts about numbers, colors, ABCs, and other important things during the activity.  She soaks it up like a sponge.  Her speech is getting so much better, and I can finally hear all those thoughts she’s been saving up for us.  This is our special time every day to work on our number one goal– not just learning, but learning how to learn.

If we didn’t have this system, I’m sure Noodle would spend her time finding ways to do this to Bee:

I discovered her handiwork after she went to bed.  What makes me giggle is she puts things on Bee’s head all the time.  Thank goodness baby doll took one for the team this time around.

Another post coming soon with some examples of our activities.  Clue: the first one ROCKS! {snicker, snicker}

Since this is blogging world, how should I spiff up that board?  Wrap it in twine?  Put a bird on it?  I know!  A trellis pattern.  That’s what it needs.  😉  {I kid, because I can– despite the fact the internet is saturated with it, I’m still a sucker for a trellis pattern}.
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