Christmas Storage & Organization Ideas: Quick and Easy


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Want to have a more organized and clutter-free holiday? If you’re looking for Christmas storage and organization ideas, including how to better store seasonal decorations, you can find it all here.

Check out these 19 Clever Christmas Hacks for more easy organization ideas for all your holiday decor.

collage of Christmas organization ideas

Christmas time is the most wonderful time of the year… but it can also feel chaotic. The influx of gifts, busy schedules, and extra decor adds to the mental load of your already busy life.

If your home is feeling overstuffed, it’s time to declutter and organize all the Christmas items so it’s easy to store. Another plus? Decorating next year will be a cinch when all your lights are untangled, ornaments ready to hang, and decorations neatly ready to go.

My biggest tip is to purchase Christmas storage items early in the season, because once they’re out of stock it’s usually for good. It might take 11 more months before stores have them in stock again, so get them while you can and you’ll be ready to easily un-decorate.

Top 10 Christmas Organization and Storage Ideas

Here’s my top 10 favorite items for storing everything holiday related, from faux trees to lights to labeling everything so it’s easy to find next year (and yes, there’s 12 products in the collage but two are duplicates in case the other is out of stock… I’m thinking ahead)

collage of Christmas storage items
  1. 7.5 ft Upright Christmas Tree Storage Bag– if you have a faux tree, a tree bag is a must. This one allows you to store it upright so it’s ready to go
  2. Christmas Light Storage Bag – with 3 Metal Reels– this is our favorite way to store lights because it prevents tangling and makes it easy to unroll onto the tree. This case also protects the strands which helps eliminate broken bulbs
  3. Christmas Light Storage Bag – another version of the reel storage for lights in case the other option is out of stock
  4. 4-Pack Christmas Storage Totes with Lids– storing your items in these green and red bins helps differentiate between other storage bins, making it easy to find JUST holiday items when needed
  5. 4-Pack Clear Plastic Storage Bins with Lid– or, store them in clear bins so you can easily see exactly what’s inside
  6. Set of 2 Christmas Wreath Storage Bag– bonus tip: hang these bags on the wall to utilize all your available storage space
  7. Christmas Lights Storage Holder
  8. Ornament Storage Chest– this keeps your ornaments from bumping into each other and scratching or breaking
  9. Christmas Ornament Storage Box– while pricier, I love these hard sided ornament storage boxes for delicate ornaments because it makes them almost impossible to break if they get bumped
  10. Plastic Mesh Zipper Pouches (18 Packs)– perfect for zipping together small pieces and sets; collect small ornaments, bulbs, gift tags, ornament hangers and more in these handy pouches
  11. Christmas Wrapping Paper Storage Organizer– slides under the bed for handy storage
  12. Label Maker– this all-around hall of fame organizational item makes finding and storing your items so much easier. Use it to label small bags, cords, bins… basically, everything!

How to organize and store Christmas decorations

You know I love a good organization hack, so here’s a few I’ve learned over the years (some I had to learn the hard way, like the candles, yikes.)

  • As you put items away, declutter anything you no longer need, use or love
  • Color code your bins to make finding seasonal storage easy– for example, use all red, or all green, so you can spot them quickly wherever they are stored
  • Use a stand-up tree bag to store your faux tree vertically and make getting it out the following year a cinch
  • Hang wreath bags on the wall to increase floor and shelf storage space
  • Hard-sided ornament holders are better for fragile ornaments (as opposed to the fabric-sided boxes)
  • Don’t store Christmas candles in the attic or other hot spaces or else you’ll have a meltdown on your hands
  • If storing in a basement, make sure decorations are off the floor to prevent water damage in case of flooding
  • If storage space is tight, think outside the box: use closet walls, the backs of closet doors, and underbed storage
wrapping christmas lights around cardboard

Where should I store my Christmas decorations in my house?

Avoid placing fragile or meltable items in spaces that aren’t climate controlled. Also, be careful placing items in basements if they are unfinished or susceptible to water or pests. If storing items in a basement, be sure to keep them off the floor and in well-sealed plastic containers.

Other storage spaces include closets, under beds, crawl spaces (if items are sturdy), and your garage. Garage lofts are a perfect way to add additional space to your garage for seasonal items and keep them out of the way the rest of the year– that’s where we personally store our outdoor decorations. We also keep some on our garage shelves.

storage bins on garage shelves

How should I organize my Christmas decorations for storage?

If time is tight (or motivation and energy are low), follow this 7 Day Christmas Organization Plan to get everything neatly put away in a week’s time. You can also condense this into a 2-day plan to do over a weekend if you have extra help or lots of energy.

  • Day One: Wash, dry and store Christmas china or serving pieces. Use padded china storage bags for fragile pieces.
  • Day Two: Take down and store ornaments and lights. Put away tree (or recycle/compost it if it’s a real tree.)
  • Day Three: Place wreaths in wreath bags and store hanging on garage or attic walls to save space.
  • Day Four: Wrap fragile decor in bubble wrap and place into bins according to the room in which they were placed. This will make decorating easier next year.
  • Day Five: Recycle wrapping paper scraps, corral all your holiday gift bags into one place, and organize your gift wrap station. Punch holes in the corner of the holiday cards you received and put a metal binder ring through the hole so you have a ‘book’ of cards for each year.
  • Day Six (or when weather permits): Take down outdoor decorations. Store lights neatly so they’re ready to go next year.
  • Day Seven: Store all the bins, take out all the trash, and donate all the donations. Congratulate yourself for a job well done and enjoy the fresh, clean space!
Christmas card hack by turning cards into a book
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As you can see, the better you store your items AFTER Christmas, the easier it is to decorate BEFORE Christmas. Do future you a favor, and make it easy with these tips and storage ideas!

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collage of Christmas storage ideas
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