Snow, Rogue Umbrellas, and a #PeetsCoffee Switch

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8AM, somewhere in the Philadelphia ‘burbs.

Just a perfectly normal October morning, except…


isn’t my table so pretty?  I love it.  {foreshadowing…}

Looks like our scheduled hayride isn’t going to happen today.  Since we were stuck inside, we changed the plans and decided instead sit by the fireplace and sip some coffee in our pajamas.  Or, my husband and I tried to sit and enjoy some coffee while our little wrecking crew ran around in circles singing “Ring Around the Rosie” and pushing each other in the doll stroller.

Welcome to my world.

a rare moment of non-movement

My husband had been up until 2AM working on a work related project, so when he woke up at 8 he wasn’t exactly bright eyed nor particularly bushy-tailed.  I sweetly offered to make him a cup of his favorite coffee and he grunted yes, looking at me like I was an angel is disguise.  Or in pajamas, your choice.  Little did he know it was part of my secret plan to pull a little “coffee switch” on him.

watching weather channel, hasn’t yet tasted the coffee

You see, we are nothing if not brand loyal.  Usually we stick to one brand for brewing coffee in the coffeemaker and an upscale brand {that I snag on the cheap} for instant.  Today that was about to change.

Slyly I scooped Peet’s Cafe Solano into the filter basket.  First of all, the delicious smell woke me up instantly yet pleasantly, like the sun streaming in after a great night’s sleep.  A few minutes later, and this medium roast was ready to taste.

I poured it into his favorite “fancy” mug (as opposed to our usual blue and white mugs) and added some flavored non-dairy creamer.  I thought about sprinkling it with nutmeg and adding a cinnamon stick but didn’t want to tip him off that something was up.

Of course I made one for myself, too– but that one had a little extra creamer in it.  He jokes I take my creamer with coffee, not the other way around.  He’s kinda right.  What can I say, my coffee-creamer combo in my fave Charlotte mug is my recipe for happiness.


Now comes the fun part: my attempt to play ‘hidden camera’ and catch his reaction.  We’ve never tried Peet’s coffee before, let alone the Solano blend, so this should be good.

YES!  Do you see that?  A smile before 8:20 AM.  PRICELESS.

As you can tell by the smile,  I was totally busted in that last photo.  At least he had some coffee before he caught my “hidden camera.”

In fact, there’s only two other things that can make him smile like that.

Considering my husband usually drinks a “bold” blend and I drink decaf, this medium roast from Peet’s was perfection.  Especially when at noon we heard a crashing sound and looked onto our deck to see this:

That’s our umbrella snapped in half, shattering the glass table as it went down.  Nice one.

I’ll take another cup of Peet’s coffee, please.  Hold the creamer.

Do you have a daily coffee ritual, favorite mug, or flavor?  What do you put in your coffee– creamer, milk, drink it black?  Let’s talk coffee while I attempt to block out the extreme mess now taking up half my deck.  Talk about a Halloween scare…
{Interested in seeing our shopping trip to purchase #PeetsCoffee?  Check out my Google+ album for the details, insights, and of course photos of The Wrecking Crew in action at the grocery store.  By the way, here’s a sweet coupon for up to $3 off if you want to try Peet’s for yourself!}
This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias.  All opinions are 100% my own and I was not paid to publish positive comments.  Many thanks to both #PeetsCoffee and #Cbias for the opportunity to try a new brand!
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