DIY Thanksgiving Placecards

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Don’t you love a festive Thanksgiving table?  Since I’m hosting The Big Feast this year I wanted to do something special.  When I saw these gold/silver pumpkins on sale I knew they were the extra touch my table needed.  Coming it at under $1.50 and five minutes each to make, I can certify these DIY pumpkin placecards are both cheap and easy to create.  In addition, they hold a sentimental surprise for each guest {as you’ll see in a moment}.

It took calling a few different stores, but I was able to round up all nine pumpkins I needed for this year’s table.  Since I found them at the end of the season, it was hard to get all silver or all gold, but I think the mixed tones make them even more interesting.

For some reason, these butterfly stickers from Martha Stewart called out to me: “buy me!”  So I did, for 50% off.

Butterflies and pumpkins don’t really go together, but they gave these gourds a whimsical touch that I knew my guests would appreciate.  Well, some of my guests.  I’m guessing this guy probably won’t notice.  😉

Oh, to be able to yawn with such wild abandon!

After attaching the butterflies, I made each guest a special tag with their first initial.  These chipboard stickers (available in a HUGE array of colors and styles) made them look much neater than my own handwriting.

As if to prove that point, here’s what my handwriting looked like at midnight as I wrote on the back of each tag why I was grateful for each person.  Not. Pretty.  But the sentiment was sweet, yes?  {the chicken scratch on this tag for my husband says, “this little square couldn’t possibly contain all the reasons I’m thankful for you.”  Cue the “awwww…”)

I’ll keep the rest of the notes a surprise for when my family sits down to eat on Thanksgiving.

Right now, these pumpkins are looking festive gathered in the new pedestal bowl I found at Crate and Barrel outlet.  Soon enough, they be sitting at each person’s place but I’m holding off on setting the table until I’m sure The Wrecking Crew (um, my kids) won’t trash the dining room.

The most time consuming part of this whole project was writing out each note, which is why I’m particularly thankful I did it now as opposed to the day of Thanksgiving while I’m rushing to get hot food on the table.

Placecards certainly aren’t a necessity, but I’m thankful this year for the chance to make pretty crafts for those I love.  If my turkey comes out dry and the sauce doesn’t gel, at least they’ll know I tried my best and it’s not because I didn’t put as much love as I could into getting the meal on the table!

One last parting shot:
Do you use placecards?  Are your seats “assigned” even without the cards to say so, or do you mix it up each time you sit down?  We always sat in the same seats at the table growing up, every night, for almost 20 years!  No placecards needed.  😉
Easy Thanksgiving Pumpkin Placecard Idea
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