Dog Days of Summer

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Prior to being a mom, I was a teacher.   That must be the reason August fills me with a frenetic energy and nervousness I can’t describe.  I envy those that spend their summer days at the beach, pool, and parks.  I’m so jealous of the ice-cream covered faces and sweet tea stained lips.  I smell kids covered in sunscreen everywhere I go, and yet… yet I’m inside attempting to cross things off my to-do list while that back-to-school deadline approaches.

No lie– at my appointment last week, my dermatologist suggested I get out in the sun more.

See, back when I was a teacher summer ended in mid-August.  August means professional development, stalking back-to-school sales to buy things for my classroom, and preparing curriculum.  Then I became a mom, and August was the month Noodle was finally released from the NICU.  A year later, Noodle was still on an NG tube and we were getting ready to wean her from it– no small feat.

Can you see why August causes my heart to beat just a bit faster and my hyper-organization start to kick in?  It’s always been the month of last-ditch efforts to get things finished and cleaned and ready to go before a crazy year begins!

It’s a tradition that needs to stop.  I need to smell the hydrangea.  Splash in a pool.  Drink that sweet tea.  Reek of sunscreen.

Sell the entire contents of my basement at the biggest yard sale ever.

Fill out paperwork for Noodle to attend preschool in September (who knew there was that much paperwork for a 2-year-old?)

Paint a hutch that’s been sitting in my garage for– you guessed it– two years.

Finish the latest Pat Conroy novel.

Have friends over for lunch.  Lots of friends.

Introduce Noodle to Elmo at Sesame Place.

Wrap up the 453 doctor’s appointment we’ve had this summer.  Okay, it was more like 17 but that’s still a lot.

Stare into B’s eyes a bit more.  I’m so in love with that little guy!

Work on the Care Bags for Team Abby.  January will be here before we know it!

Finish the Couch to 5K program (I’ve been running each day as long as the temp is below 90 degrees!)

All those things, plus juggling so much more (including a husband that has been traveling for work.  Boo).

On that note, I’m taking a self-induced blogging break to enjoy the last few days of summer, finish a few projects, have that yard sale, and try to survive without my babysitter when she goes back to school next week.

I’m not going far.  Behind the scenes I’m also planning the big Blogoversary event which will kick off in September with giveaways, a blog redesign, and so much more.  But in order to do it right, I need to step away and live a little.  Then I can come back and be a better blogger.

Hopefully with a little tan to make my dermatologist proud.  Yeesh.

{Promise you won’t leave me?  I have so, so, SO much more in store for you all!  I just need a minute or two to get it all ready.  It’ll be worth your while, pinkey swear! }
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