10 Favorite Craft Supplies for Creative Kiddos


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Each day, my daughter and I have a window of opportunity for some one-on-one time while my son naps.  Sometimes we talk non-stop, other times we read and snuggle, but most times I roll out our kids art cart and try to set her up with something creative for those little hands to work on while we have some ‘quiet time’.  Which is rarely quiet.  But I digress.  It was during one of those times when I took stock of our hands-down favorite kids arts and crafts supplies.  You know, the ‘best of the best’ art kits and supplies for children that keep little hands busy while being creative.  And don’t worry, my son gets in on the kids’ craft action as well– these supplies all get ‘two thumbs up’ from both the boys and the girls in the Lemonade crew!

FAVORITE Kids Arts & Crafts Ideas & Supplies

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1.  Melissa and Doug Sticker Pads

Priced at around $5 each (less, if you snag them on sale) these Melissa and Doug large themed sticker pads can keep kids busy for hours.  My son loves the reusable transportation stickers, and my daughter especially enjoys the Make-A-Meal set.  They make fantastic gifts as well.

FAVORITE Kids Arts & Crafts Ideas & Supplies

FAVORITE Kids Arts & Crafts Ideas & Supplies

2.  Stamps & Stamp Pads

You can often find large bags of stamps at yard sales and such, or grab a set of Melissa and Doug stamps .  We use them to make pictures, tell stamp stories, and make cards.  I’ve found the Melissa and Doug stamp pads tend to dry up pretty quickly though, so we use the round Jumbo Stamp Pad from Creatology (found at Michaels).  It’s held up to many stamping sessions, though looking a little worse for the wear.  😉

FAVORITE Kids Arts & Crafts Ideas & Supplies

FAVORITE Kids Arts & Crafts Ideas & Supplies

FAVORITE Kids Arts & Crafts Ideas & Supplies

3.  Dot a Dot Markers and Stamping Books

Not only are these Dot a Dot markers just like ‘bingo stampers’ (for kids), but they have Dot a Dot coloring books with pictures created with the dot markers in mind.  So, kids can freestyle on blank paper or fill out colorful pictures in the Stamping Books.  Keeps kiddos busy and happy dotting the pages!  The process of stamping the dots is action-oriented, so my son especially loves this art activity.

FAVORITE Kids Arts & Crafts Ideas & Supplies

4.  Wooden Bead Sets

ANOTHER Melissa and Doug craft product?  What can I say, these guys know their stuff when it comes to high-quality kids crafts.  My daughter adores her wooden bead sets.  They comes with laces that have a long, ‘waxed’ end (like a shoelace) so stringing is easy.  She loves draping herself in all her creations!  They have everything from Flower Bead Sets to Butterfly Beads to Alphabet Beads.  I really like kids crafts that have a purpose or end product, and while I may not want to wear homemade necklaces all the time, you’ve got to admit there’s almost nothing sweeter than jewelry handmade with love.

FAVORITE Kids Arts & Crafts Ideas & Supplies

5.  Color Wonder by Crayola

Color Wonder products by Crayola are a wonder indeed!  The markers only mark on Color Wonder surfaces, which means they are great for use just about anywhere.  We use them laying on the floor, while traveling, and even at the kitchen table.  If they stray off the paper, it doesn’t leave a mark.  Genius!  We especially love the metallic color wonder paper, it’s SO COOL.  The finished product is almost frame worthy, and we use it for wrapping paper and cards as well because it’s so purdy.

FAVORITE Kids Arts & Crafts Ideas & Supplies

6.  Air Dry Clay

We’ll usually hit up a sale at Michaels to get the smaller packs, but you can also get a Model Magic bucket with four assorted colors if you have some serious model makers. Use this air dry clay to make models of animals and then let them dry for some playtime fun (or if doesn’t turn out the way you want, simply store and reuse it later).  My son loves to drive toy cars through it to make tracks, and we’ve even stamped circles with alphabet letters to make stamped letter jewelry.  Lace bowls are all the rage right now, go ahead and experiment to make your own version.  So many ideas from one little pack of clay!

FAVORITE Kids Arts & Crafts Ideas & Supplies

7.  IKEA paper roll & supplies

IKEA is the bomb, yo.  They have kids craft supplies for CHEAP.  We love the huge paper rolls and they even have roll holders for a song.  Brushes, scissors, boxes to store it all– don’t say I didn’t warn you.  I can not resist that place.

FAVORITE Kids Arts & Crafts Ideas & Supplies

FAVORITE Kids Arts & Crafts Ideas & Supplies
Eleventy points to the person who guesses which Disney Princess this is…

8.  Tracing Cards from Usborne

These Usborne stencil cards are great for fine motor skills (the come in various themes including animals, farm items, etc).  The kids love to trace various shapes and them color them in.  Plus, you can use the finished pictures to tell stories.  I’ve been working with my daughter on fine motor control and these are helpful for practicing those skills.

FAVORITE Kids Arts & Crafts Ideas & Supplies

9.  Crayola My First Jumbo Watercolor Paints and Brushes

This Crayola Paint Set with large watercolor paints is easy for young artists to use.  Plus, when it’s time for clean-up I just run it quickly under the faucet and the mixed-up colors run right off.  If you have toddlers or preschoolers, the large brushes are easy to grip and better for fine motor coordination until they’re ready for skinnier brushes.

FAVORITE Kids Arts & Crafts Ideas & Supplies

10.  Shrinky Dinks

Time to go old school with a classic– Shrinky Dinks!  My kids go NUTS over watching these get small in the oven.  This is definitely for older kids who are comfortable coloring in the lines and using colored pencils– though the younger ones still love to watch the shrinking part (who doesn’t?!).  The kits nowadays usually include extra pieces to turn your creations into jewelry or keychains so you can actually USE them.  Bonus, ha?

FAVORITE Kids Arts & Crafts Ideas & Supplies

FAVORITE Kids Arts & Crafts Ideas & Supplies

BONUS IDEA: Dry Erase Boards

These are very inexpensive (I know they have them at Family Dollar, perhaps they’ll have one at your local dollar store) yet are FUN for kids.  They love that they can draw then instantly wipe away and try again.  Saves paper for you, that’s for sure!  If they have a masterpiece they want to preserve, simply take a photo of it.  Hey, it’s art in the 21st century!  My daughter literally spent an hour drawing her Grampie over and over using a dry erase board.  We also use them for learning games.  Double duty, woot.

FAVORITE Kids Arts & Crafts Ideas & Supplies

As for organizing it all, we love having this Art Cart in the kitchen so we can store things out of sight when we’re finished.

FAVORITE Arts and Crafts Supplies & Ideas for Kids

We also have plastic bins in our playroom full of supplies.  If we ever had room to spare, I’d purchase this Art Station and Organizer in a heartbeat!  And while it doesn’t fit my design aesthetic, if that really bothered me I could always stitch up a quick curtain to tack onto the corners in a gorgeous fabric.

kids' art supply organization center

If you need more kids’ craft ideas, be sure to check out these easy art projects:

Washi Tape Letters  ::  Wooden Frames, 4 Ways :: Stamped Mini-Totes :: Foam Lanterns :: WIN a Martha Stewart Crafts for Kids Book

Who’s ready for some crafting?  All of these kids craft supplies are simple to use and easy to find.  Because fussy and boring is SO not my style, especially not in a heat wave.  Mama don’t play that.  Now, go grab your art cart (or craft supply bin, or plastic bag with supplies, or WHATEVER you choose to house your craft supplies) and get creative!

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Top Ten Arts and Crafts Supplies for Kids-- kid tested, mom approved! #kids #kidscrafts makinglemonadeblog.com

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  2. I’m in love with that art station as well!! But your awesome art cart hack is a close second 🙂 I love arts and crafts too… As long as glitter isn’t involved

  3. What a great list! I definitely need to try some of these out that we weren’t aware of like metallic color wonder paper. What a fantastic idea!!

  4. I need those dot markers. I’ve been meaning to get some every since we saw them at the Creative Clubhouse last year. And shrinky dinks – yup, need those, too.

  5. You’ve given us some great ideas!
    having everything all together in an art cart is a fantastic way to keep things organized and makes for easy set up and easy clean up.
    LOVE shrinky dinks! thanks for sharing
    (stopping by from Motivation Monday)

    1. I’m a big fan of the shrinky dinks too. 😉 Half the time I’m the one coloring and they are the ones giggling while watching them shrink!

  6. Great idea! Stickers in general are awesome, but I got my daughter one of the Melissa & Doug reusable dollhouse pads and the stickers didn’t “stick” at all – they kept falling out all over the place and I finally tossed it. Someone gave us a couple Color Wonder sets and I agree, the metallic is cool! Crayola often goes on sale so get your supplies then, otherwise they can be pricey.

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