18 Cozy Electric Fireplaces (That Look Like the Real Thing!)


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Love the feel of a real fireplace, but don’t have one in your home? You can still get all the cozy vibes with these electric fake fireplace options that look and feel like the real thing! We’re sharing faux fireplaces to fit any style from modern to traditional and everything in between.

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cozy electric fake fireplaces (that look real)

Electric fireplaces have come a long way since I was a young little whippersnapper. They used to be these giant, bulky things that either provided you warmth or the look of a fireplace, but rarely both. And they definitely weren’t attractive. But now, a quick internet search for a fake fireplace (or ‘faux fireplace’ for all you fancy pants) and hundreds of results come up!

There are several reasons why these fireplaces are so awesome. First, a fake electric fireplace doesn’t need wood or gas hookups. I may live in North Carolina, but believe it or not, not everyone from this state is a lumberjack. Which means we would have to buy wood or find it which can be a hassle. Especially if you’re young or single or not a giant, strong human. Or live in the burbs where they would post about you on Next Door if you went around scavenging wood.

(can’t you just see it now?! The daily Next Door ‘SUSPICIOUS PERSON SIGHTED’ and there’s 5 photos of me from a Ring camera hauling wood down the street?!)

We have one in our bedroom and it makes the room super relaxing and warms it up on chilly nights (yes, we get those in North Carolina!)

cozy electric fireplace in master bedroom

// white electric fireplace //

I love that you can plug these in anywhere to make any room cozy and warm. These bad boys have a plug in electric insert so if you have an outlet, you can have heat and ‘fire’! Thank you, electricity. There’s so many styles to choose from which means that if your style is modern, you can find one that’s sleek with clean lines and has a black or metallic type finish. If you’re more on the farmhouse side of things, shiplap! Traditional? Then go for something with wood or a nice white electric fireplace option with chunky crown moulding on it.

It’s so relaxing, sometimes I find myself sneaking upstairs to sip coffee and warm up a bit.

cozy electric fireplace in master bedroom

While ours is on the traditional side (for now, we actually have plans to make it look more ‘built-in’ and it will really pop when we finally paint this room), there’s SO many styles to choose from. Here’s a few of our favorites, from sleek and modern to traditional to transitional to ‘Chip and Jo approved’ farmhouse styles.

18 Electric Cozy Fake Fireplace Ideas

cozy electric fake fireplaces (that look real)

  1. Gray fireplace
  2. Black modern fireplace (Sold out, here is a similar style)
  3. Traditional wood fireplace (Sold out, here is a similar style)
  4. White shiplap fireplace (Sold out, here is a similar style)
  5. Red and black ice modern fireplace
  6. Gray wood fireplace
  7. White chunky molding fireplace (Sold out, here is a similar style)
  8. Simple white electric fireplace (Sold out, here is a similar style)
  9. Traditional molding white electric fireplace
  10. Cherry wood fireplace (also comes in white)
  11. White fireplace with side shelving
  12. Simple wood look fireplace
  13. Black modern fireplace with hearth (Sold out, here is a similar style in white)
  14. All marble fireplace
  15. Marble herringbone white electric fireplace
  16. White fireplace 
  17. Modern stainless wall mounted fireplace
  18. Wood burning furnace look electric fireplace

shop the post handlettered

Even though I only showed you guys 18 of these, I can promise you there are thousands more. I tried to gather fake fireplace ideas that would serve a variety of design styles.

I’ve had both faux and real fireplaces in my life and must admit that the convenience of flipping a switch or using a remote to have instant fire and heat makes me feel pretty fancy. How about you? Have you gotten on the electric fireplace train yet or no? Let me know in the comments below!

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