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This pretty FREE printable planner is totally free and has daily, weekly, and monthly planning pages for you to print. The free downloadable planner also contains dated monthly calendars, year at a glance, and a printable password tracker to help you make and stick to your goals this year. Keeping track of daily, weekly, and monthly tasks, making planning has never been easier!

2023 Planner Update: We’ve updated this free printable planner with a new version for 2023! Get your free planner sent straight to your inbox by clicking here, plus you’ll get exclusive access to our Printables Vault where you can access all our previous planners (which contain undated weekly and daily planning pages, so you can use any design you love.)

free printable planner for 2019 with pen

It’s finally here! I’ve read all the messages and emails and we heard you loud and clear: YOU WANT THE 2019 VERSION OF OUR FREE PRINTABLE PLANNER! What started as a personal set of planners to help me get my schedule organized has evolved one of our most popular features on the blog: our free printable planners. They have daily, weekly and monthly planning pages to help you crush your goals and cross off that to-do list. And best of all, it’s FREE and it’ll rock your organizational world, TRUST YOUR GIRL ON THIS ONE.

2019 planner with pen and phone

This is what I use every day (possible every HOUR at this point) to organize our busy schedule. It allows me to set (and more importantly, REACH) goals while getting my to-do list done at the same time. One of these days I’ll have it professionally printed and bound so it’s all in one spot, but let me walk you through how I use it on the daily.

woman working on laptop with planner and phone

This year, I had you vote on the design on my Instagram stories and we went with the top vote: a ‘watercolor geometric’ design. On that note, I have to give a HUGE thanks to my assistant Heidi for putting my dreams onto paper! Isn’t it purdy?!

2019 printable planner cover

[NOTE: If you want to skip the how-to and just want to get your hot little hands on the planner, scroll down to the form towards the bottom of this post to access it]

How to Use the Free Printable 2019 Planner

The entire planner bundle is 17 pages long. You can print it all out and 3-hole punch it, or print a year’s worth of planners and have it bound, or this is what I do with each piece until I can figure out the printing/binding piece some day:

  • print out the yearly calendar and hang it on my bulletin board as a quick year-at-a-glance reference

2019 printable calendar

  • print out several copies of the password pages, fill out, and lock ’em up somewhere safe

printable password keeper

  • print out the monthly calendars and staple in 3-month sections to make 4 quarters (I use the 12 Week Year strategy and it’s not untrue to say it’s totally changed my life and helped me reach two HUGE goals this year!)

monthly printable calendars

  • Each Friday, I print out one copy of the weekly planner and staple it on top of 5 copies of the daily planner so I’m ready for the next following week; I place the bundle on my desk next to my laptop and it’s basically under my right hand at all times. On Sunday I fill out the weekly plan to prioritize my goals that week and figure out my time blocks around the events and appointments. Then each night before bed, I fill out the daily plan for the following day so I always know my top 5 goals and ‘must-dos’, meal plan, and schedule.

weekly planner

daily planner

How to Access the Free 2019 Planner

Step 1: To access the free planner, enter your first name and email address on the form below submit the form. This adds you to our weekly newsletter where I share exclusive content just for our private Making Lemonade community, including additional pages to the planner that aren’t available on the blog. This will also ensure you are the first to hear when next year’s planner is ready!

Step 2: Check your inbox for the email that says: ‘Important, Confirm your subscription to get your FREE planner’, and click the button in that email to confirm that you signed up.  That button will take you directly to the 2019 planner.

Step 3: Download the planner, print the pages you need, and enjoy!


Thanks for your grace and understanding that we need to put the planner behind that ‘firewall’, so to speak, to prevent unauthorized or commercial usage. It’s upsetting how much gets stolen off blogs and websites nowadays, and so we want to make this available to those who will use and love it for personal purposes and not to make money from it, sad to say. The great news is once you submit the form, you’ll get all the updates and exclusive freebies such as additional planner pages available only to subscribers!

On that note, I’m off to knock out today’s goals. I’m going to do a video on my Instagram detailing exactly how I use the planner each day (and hour, and minute lol!) and add it to my highlights, so follow me over there and look for that in the next few days.

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As 2018 comes to a close, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support, positive messages and emails, and shares of my blog. Every time you click a link, visit a page, or share a post you’re supporting not just my blog but my dreams and my family and I’m overwhelmed with gratitude!

woman with coffee mug

I hope this free 2019 planner blesses you and helps solve the problem of needing more time in each day to do what you love, which to me is one of the greatest gifts of all. XOXO, and have a the happiest of holidays!

beautiful and FREE 17-page printable planner for 2019!

Take your planning to the next level!

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