How to Make Homemade Stress Balls


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If you need an easy way to let your mind wander for a bit and regain a sense of calm, these DIY stress balls are incredibly easy to make and both kids and adults can use them to de-stress and find focus.

Looking for other ways to de-stress after a long day? How about setting yourself up a self-care tea station or making a batch of these relaxing DIY lavender sea salts

stress ball made from a balloon

I know I’m definitely not the only one who’s been more stressed lately. We’re all coping with a bit more than normal, so we found a great solution- Homemade Stress Balls!

There has been a lot of good quality family time, but when it comes to trying to balance work and feel like I have some semblance of a break between school, work, dinner, quality time with my husband – it’s just all so much.

Kids are frustrated as well– especially when the technology needed for online learning is glitchy or an assignment it hard and they’re unable to simply raise their hand and ask a teacher in the moment.

I’m not promising you that these little DIY stress balls will ease every single stressor you have, but they can be a quick way to relieve some tension if you need.

My kids love having them at their desks at home and using them to calm themselves. Plus, they are so much cleaner than their other sensory go-to, SLIME. Ugh, slime and computers do not mix (ask me how I know… eeeek!)

I wish I’d known how to make these when I was a teacher, it’s such a budget-friendly way to make a class set of stress balls!

How To Make DIY Stress Balls

balloons on table


(makes 2 stress balls)

  • 2 balloons
  • 1 cup flour
  • Ribbon
  • Funnel


filling balloons with flour

Step One: Blow a little bit of air in the balloon and secure it around the funnel.

funnel with flour

Step Two: Hold the balloon in place around the end of the funnel and start slowly pouring the flour into the funnel. Use your fingers to press the flour down into the balloon, softly shaking the funnel to loosen the flour.

stress ball with flour

Step Three: Continue adding flour to the balloon until it is filled, then remove the funnel. Tie a knot in the top of the balloon and decorate with a bow using the ribbon.

stress ball in hand

Squeeze to your little heart’s content. These would be great for those of you with kiddos that are struggling with anxiety in their classes or new learning environments.

That’s it! A balloon and some flour and you’re on your way to some more stress free days (I hope!) It may not be the cure all, but hopefully it can be a small way to remind yourself to take a minute if you need it.

What are some small ways you’ve been learning to cope with the stress of a new situation or circumstance?

stress balls on table
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  1. Stress balls are used to relieve stress. Thank You So much for sharing information about how to make stress balls. I am going to make it at home.

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