Modern Mixed Metallic Thanksgiving Tablescape

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Modern Metallic Thanksgiving Tablescape Decor Ideas

Today I’m taking part in the All Things Home Thanksgiving Tablescape Tour with a few {20!} other blogging buddies, and I’ve been working feverishly behind the scenes pulling together a few of my favorite modern Thanksgiving table setting ideas.  If you are new to Making Lemonade, welcome, and be sure to check out the about page and have your tissues ready if you delve into how my blog got it’s name.  😉 Now let me start off by saying that I’m SO ….

Modern table ideas

Thanksgiving is a time to honor tradition, but you know me– always raising trouble by adding a few modern touches touches that would make the Pilgrims aghast at the sight.  Aghast, I tell you!

Metallic pops for your Thanksgiving table

Okay, not so aghast.  But mixing silver and gold?  Sinful!

Mix silver and gold

Metallics are always welcome this time of year because they bring light to dark nights.  Gold has been hot recently, but that doesn’t mean everything needs to gilded– especially if you’d rather cozy up to silver, mercury glass, brass, or bronze.  There’s a key to mixing metallics well, just be sure there’s one dominant metal and the rest are sidekicks or accessories to the main metal.  So after I scanned my collection of plates and serving ware, I chose silver as the main metallic and gold as it’s sidekick.  THE ROBIN TO SILVER’S BATMAN, if you will.

Stunning metallic decorating ideas

It was my goal to keep the table color scheme mostly neutral.  That way, the food becomes the star and really pops against the background.  Neutral tones allow the cranberry sauce, greens, sweet potatoes, and turkey take center stage– and rightfully so, holla!

Thanksgiving ideas

It all starts with the first layer, your runner or tablecloth.  I chose to use a runner to show off my new table.  😉  But not just ANY runner, a handmade no-sew silver runner that took under 2 hours and $10 to make.  Tutorial will be on the blog later this week, so be sure to check back for it!

Linens for the table

Isn’t she lovely?  Sigh.  I loved it so much I also made one in gold.  I’ll share the tutorial for the metallic table runner in a few days, promise!  As you can see, I placed a piece of gold polka dot burlap under the runner across the width of the table.  I kept the burlap all one piece so I could use it for other things, and it’s the gold compliment to my mostly silver color scheme.

Mixing metallics on the table

Thanksgiving decorations

Next up come the chargers.  They are inexpensive, usually about $1 at the craft store.  I used square silver charges to make the table feel more modern.  Layered on top are my black and white grapevine dinner plates from Crate & Barrel, they’re at least 10 years old and huge.  LOVE.

Modern table decorating ideas

On top of the dinner plates are a West Elm salad plates with adorable greetings in gold, found on sale last week.  You *could* DIY these, but truthfully I get nervous about food safety and felt it best to go with ones deemed food (and microwave and dishwasher) safe by West Elm.

Gorgeous Thanksgiving table ideas

Napkins in a neutral color set the stage for silver napkin rings from a thrift store that cost $2 for the entire set.  If you have a great thrift store in the area they probably have loads of napkin rings you can pick up for a song.  I had a few ideas in mind for the napkin rings, but when it came right down to it I realized simple was best and left them alone.

Silverware on the table

But are you ready for the piece de resistance?  TWIG SILVERWARE.  They are so dainty and lovely.  I want to use them for every meal, all the time.  Perhaps I should just carry one around in case anyone ever needs a fork.

Silverware ideas for Thanksgiving

“Twig fork, my friend?”

Twig silverware

Placecards are the same ones we used last year– the mixed metallic pumpkin placecards with thankful notes attached— but I switched them up a bit.  I took off last year’s cards and added new ones in a simpler style.  They are intentionally left blank here to protect the innocent.  😉


Once the placesettings are done, the real fun begins.  I loaded up my (super heavy) metal candle tray with goodies!  I kept it REALLY simple, because we’ll remove it to make room for the food.  Plus, I didn’t want to obstruct views across the table with anything tall or fussy.

Thanksgiving table

Because my kids are young and highly likely to grab anything that catches their eye, I used flameless candles for the centerpiece.  No worries, just a lovely flickering light.  Be sure to get unscented if you buy some so they don’t interfere with your delicious food.

Thanksgiving candles

Load ‘er up with gourds, silver pumpkins, candlesticks of all shapes and sizes.

Metallic pumpkin decor for Thanksgiving


Feathers at the Thanksgiving table

Now add your serving platters and plates, ready and waiting for all that yum-tastic food you’re going to cook.  Lining a simple basket with a snazzy cloth napkin adds instant elegance.  As for the squash, don’t worry, that’s just for decoration.  I’m not actually serving an entire uncooked squash for Thanksgiving.  Though it may come to that.

Gorgeous basket of gourds

Also, back in prehistoric times when I first started blogging I wrote about how to make silver magnolia leaf plate chargers.  The photos are super old, but the instructions are still there if you want to give it a try– it used to be one of my most popular posts because it’s so very easy!  And it’s actually double layered but this plate is big and covers up the first layer.

VIntage and modern platter

A vintage cake stand sits waiting for pie.  Using photo ornaments, I framed a few questions to keep the conversation going.  Not that you need any help keeping the conversation going, if your family is anything like mine.  But it’s a fun gimmick for the kids, hopefully to keep them seated longer than the .25 seconds my kids want to sit for Thanksgiving.

Stunning cake tray

Another quick touch was adding a swag of berries to the backs of the wooden chairs, tied with burlap ribbon.  The berries are on clearance at JoAnn Fabric right now and I already had the ribbon so the cost was $1 for both.

Adding greenery to the table

Burlap tie

And because I’m me, I stuck a succulent on the table.  Why?  Well, why not?  Next to it I placed an oyster shell from a summer vacation as a makeshift salt cellar.

Beautiful greenery

On the sideboard (more on THAT later, the thrift store score of the CENTURY!) I added a few more details like the DIY feathered pumpkin from a few weeks ago.  See, it CAN transition into Thanksgiving!  Though Christmas might be pushing it.

Gorgeous pottery and warm tones

Okay, here’s a sneak peek of her.  Isn’t she gorgeous?

Modern table and mirror

There’s my faux snakeskin serving tray, holding helpful items like S & P shakers from my Grammie, sugar & creamer from my husband’s Nana, and a teapot from… the thrift store.

Tea pot and platter

I’ve been busy in this room, actually.  Here’s that ugly brown hutch, painted grey and blue.  Can’t wait to show you the whole thing!


The bar cart awaits your order.  Cranberry martini, anyone?

Martini bar

There’s actually two things missing from this table.  Well, besides the food and the people.  One is the tablecloth we use every holiday.  I usually put it down for the dessert serving.  We eat our dessert, spill crumbs all over it, and then sign our names or add a message with the year.  It’s a sentimental way to freeze a moment in time and remember who has joined you at your holiday table each year.Add guest names on the tablecloth

The other is the wishbone plate I made a few years ago.  I LOVED THAT PLATE.  Unfortunately, an overzealous mother-in-law scrubbed off the wishbone.  🙁  I used to be one of my favorite things, so I hope to make a new one before this year’s feast.  Here’s the DIY wishbone plate tutorial if you’d like to make one, too.  And then send me one, maybe?

DIY Painted Wishbone Plate

A few more photos of our mixed metallic modern Thanksgiving table:

Modern Metallic Thanksgiving Tablescape Decor Ideas

Thanksgiving Tablescape Decor Ideas

Modern table decor

Gorgeous modern and metallic table

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PS: my absolute #1 favorite lifesaver for preparing the Thanksgiving meal is this {affiliate link, thanks!}  It’s SUCH a huge help when trying to coordinate keeping everything warm and tasty while juggling all those side dishes and turkey.  That one appliance was such a Thanksgiving game changer for me!

So, would the Pilgrims be aghast at my mixed metallic Thanksgiving table? Will they make me wear the scarlet letter ‘M’ for mixing modern and vintage tablescape ideas?  Be sure to stop back this week for more Thanksgiving decorating ideas as well as that tutorial on how to make a handpainted metallic table runner!

Modern Metallic Thanksgiving Tablescape Decor Ideas

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    1. Haha! I thought you were going to say you’d come live with me. Which would be AWESOME!

  1. Carrie – I am simply in LOVE with your modern and mixed-metals table! You did such a wonderful job and I love all of the tips that you gave along the way. Great job!

  2. I love your sparkling table Carrie! The modern touches with all the sentimental accents are charming!! May I ask where you go the twig flatware? LOVE THAT!!!! Great job!! ~Hugs, Jennifer

    1. Hey Jennifer! Thanks so much! I got the flatware at West Elm. They are truly works of art.

  3. Love! So fresh and different from the ones I have been seeing, heavy deep colors, turkeys and predictables! Love the metallic palette and if I don’t get my hands on some of that gold dot burlap soon I am going to go crazy, I love that stuff! Your table is perfection in my book, my hands down favorite so far!

  4. Can I just start out by saying our I am so incredibly in love with this whole table. I also need to tell you that I covet that flatware. 🙂 Its just spectacular and I can tell you put so much thought into the whole setting. Thank you so much for joining the All Things Home Tablescape Tour. You have set the bar high. xxoo

    1. Thanks so much for coordinating the tour, Barbara. I’m so glad I joined, it really sparked my creativity and forced me to think outside the box. You’re the best for putting this all together!

  5. This is my favorite post ever! Your table is amazing, there are so many elements that came together perfectly here! And I heart your runner, *ahem* I just put mine up on my blog today too 🙂

    Can’t wait to read about your thrift furniture makeover!

    Now, what can I bring for dinner?

    1. Well YOU certainly know where I got my inspiration, since you were there, HA! If it hadn’t been for our West Elm trip… well, the table would have looked very different. Can’t wait to check out your runner!

  6. Carrie, this looks AMAZING!! I was also going to ask about the flatware, but I see that you answered that above!! I am definitely having flatware envy right now!

    1. Thanks Julie! I’m so in love with the flatware as well. I feel like I’m eating with art. 😉

  7. Beautiful!!! So elegant and classy!! The pilgrims would have loved it and would have been honored to eat at your table!! I love the everything about it especially the silverware, the berries on the chair and the table runners (both silver and gold). You did an amazing job!! Love the wishbone plate too! Sorry yours was broke 🙁 Amazing job!!

    1. Thanks so much, Crystal! I appreciate your awesome comments and support so much– they always make my day!

  8. Oh my gosh I don’t know where to start! Love the runners but my all time favorite thing is that flatware. I am in love. Beautiful job Carrie! Is it OK if I grab that Day 1 image?

    1. Go for it, Ann! Barbara added it somewhere (maybe as a doc in the group?) but it’s easier to grab it from my post. Also, the links for day one all lead to the actual permalinks to the tablescapes, too. 😉

  9. Carrie – I think the pilgrims would be envious of your beautiful table. where did you get those fun twig stemware..Love them. Love all the details.

  10. I love the tablescape! You’ve got the wheels spinning in my brain! I may need to do a little shopping today for some additions to my current tablescape plan.

    Quick question – what is the purpose of chargers? Do they protect the table underneath?

    1. Barb, that’s a great question! I think they’re useful for a few reasons, one is to act as a ‘placemat’ (but much easier to wash, in my opinion) and the other is for sheer looks. 😉

  11. This is such a beautiful Thanksgiving table! I love all the mix of metallics and I’m drooling over the twig flatware! Those are my absolute favorite 🙂 So glad to have been part of the tour with you!

  12. What a beautiful table! I adore your twig flatware! I think you got the metalics just right! They work so wonderfully together.

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  14. Wow….you did such an incredible job and make it look SO EASY!! I absolutely love your twig silverware…will definitely have to get me some of those, they are gorgeous, great job on it all! 🙂

  15. Oh my goodness. I’m in love with it all! I’m so going to hunt down those salad plates…and the silverware. I’m not ashamed to be a copycat. 😉 Every detail is just beautiful!


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  18. Your table is beautiful!!! Love it so much! Stopping by to let you know I am featuring you tomorrow on Made in a Day! Thanks for linking up!

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    1. They’re from West Elm. 😉 You can copy the look buy using black plates and a gold Sharpie or Paint Pen, though I’m not sure that combo is food safe (but would look pretty!)

  24. Hi,
    This might sound silly, but I’m unsure when exactly we decorate the table/tablescape for the actual dinner. Do we put up everything including centerpiece months ahead or on the day of the dinner? I know decorating the home is much earlier, but what about the actual dinner table?
    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you!

    1. That’s not at all silly! Some people like to leave the tablescape up during the entire season, but personally I set it the day before the holiday for several reasons. 1, I like having clear surfaces– it makes the room visually appear more tidy and calm. 2, it keeps everything looking fresh and dust-free. 3, setting it the day before gives a chance to do so stress-free, whereas when I wait until the day of I’m throwing things on the table and not paying much attention to it. 🙂 Hope that helps!

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