Ultimate Collection of Moving Printables (FREE Printable Moving Binder!)


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This free moving binder kit has everything you could possibly need. If you are planning a move, then you need these printables.

Moving can be so stressful – I know because I’ve been there, done that. I have lots of resources that will help you maintain control when everything feels chaotic. In fact, these 25 moving hacks will help you stay organized when you pack (and speed up the unpacking process too).

printables in the ultimate moving kit

I am thrilled to share this moving binder with you – for FREE! Yes, this is the ultimate collection of printables and checklists to organize your move, all for FREE! As I recently learned, there are a thousand details to juggle during a move and these moving organization tools kept me sane.

On that note, I wanted to pass along the love and share them with you, so YOU can have the BEST MOVE EVER too. Print everything out, three-hole punch them, and add them to a binder so you have everything you need for an organized move right at your fingertips! No, really, it’s every.thing.you.need, minus the packing tape, sticky labels, and perhaps a fantasy professional box packer who sneaks in and pack while you sleep.

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When I told people we were moving, they either got wide-eyed with concern or looked at me with pity. Moving (out of state, and selling your home, with kids, and moving into an apartment while building a new house) is HARD. People warned me, but I had no idea I would literally be going strong from the moment the sun came up until long after I *should* have been in bed. And, lucky me, we get to move again in a few months when our house is finished!

I’m not worried though. While it wasn’t a cinch, these printables made the move as smooth as it could be under the circumstances. That’s why there’s 17 pages of printables for your moving binder– no more lost information or scattered papers, literally everything you need. Minus the Scottish guy. Darn.

17-Page Printable Moving Binder Kit

What is in the moving binder? It is packed with 17 pages of checklists, tracking sheets, and anything and everything that will help you keep track of all the stuff that is going on when you move from one place to another.

Here’s a sneak-peek at all the pages in my moving binder.

Things To Remember

I included a pretty to-do list for you. It’s blank and ready for you to fill it with everything that you really can’t afford to forget to do.

Then, there is an items to sell page. Use this to keep track of all those things that you aren’t taking with you. If they don’t sell or you run out of time, donate them.

The measurements page is super important! This is where you write down how big the furniture is. You can even write down the door frame sizes. No more making the same mistake as Ross in Friends (pivot!).

Finally, important dates are where you can write down closing dates, move-in dates, and bill due dates.

printable moving kit with to do list, items to sell, measurements, and important dates

4-Page Moving Checklist Timeline

One of the key pieces is the 4 page moving timeline. I packed it chock full of tips to help organize your move so you don’t need to remember anything, just follow the tips and check the boxes. Easy peasy!

It is organized chronologically. It starts out with stuff you should do 6-8 weeks before you move. Then, it has tasks you should do 2 weeks before you move, 1 week before, a day before, and the day of the big move.

printed pages from a moving binder

There’s even a pretty cover. Gosh I love a pretty cover.

cover of a free printable moving kit

Free Moving Out Checklists & Trackers

I also included a lot of helpful pages where you can keep track of what you packed, who you owe money too, and how much you are spending (among so much else). There are 17 pages of essential, amazing, moving checklists.

Here’s what I’m giving you, my beloved Making Lemonade friends, as a big huge smooch for being so supportive and sticking around during this big life transition– all of these are included in the FREE Moving Binder Printable package (note that this is a bulleted list; for the links to the printables, keep scrolling):

  • Moving To-Do List
  • 4-Page Moving Timeline Checklist (with handy tips!)
  • Utilities and Services Worksheet
  • Master Contact List
  • Box Inventory
  • Budget & Expense Tracker
  • Important Measurements
  • Items to Sell
  • Master Calendar of Important Dates
  • Cover Sheet
  • Spine Labels

If you want it, click below to download the entire pack. If you have friends or family who will be moving soon be sure to share this post with them!

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BTW, the images look pixelated here but they are BEAUTIFUL when printed.

Download the Entire Printable Moving Binder Here

Printable moving checklist

Free Moving Binder Labels

Because I love you so much, I even made some labels for the spine of your binder. Click the binder size that you have and print it out – this is free too!

shop the post handlettered

Moving soon? Shop these handy moving supplies by clicking its image below.

It’s been a busy summer, but I must say, an organized one too. Which is great because I’ve really had to focus on getting the kids settled into a new routine, school, state, friend group, daily life, EVERYTHING. And in a few months we’ll pack everything up and move into our new home, so staying organized has been essential for my sanity!

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collage of printables in the ultimate moving kit
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