Inspiration from the Philadelphia Flower Show

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Happy Monday!  Yesterday morning, I was sitting there sighing into my coffee saying I really wanted to go to the Philadelphia Flower Show… but that it was the last day and I guess I was going to have to miss it this year.  An hour later we were in the car and headed to the train station, thanks to a husband who knew how much I wanted to go and didn’t listen to my concerns about traffic, crowds, and missed naps.

I love a guy who knows his wife enough to read between the lines and ignore my aversion to spontaneity enough to push us forward to do things we’ll enjoy.  And enjoy it we did!  I mean, the train ride alone was a dream come true for one of us:

Philadelphia Flower Show

Philadelphia Flower Show

This year’s theme was the British inspired “Brilliant!”  I didn’t have my good camera with me, but I was able to Instagram up a storm.

Philadelphia Flower Show

Turns out the last day of the show (and a few hours before it ends) seemed to be a magic window of less crowds and increased happiness from my kids.  Who knew?  The crowds were lighter than I expected, giving us plenty of room to move.  We were greeted by Big Ben:

Philadelphia Flower Show

Philadelphia Flower Show

Thanks to my fascination with Downton Abbey, I was quietly chomping at the bit to soak up (with the requisite English decorum, of course) all things British.  Or English.  I still can’t remember the difference, but I did get snapped at once by a friend’s British (English?) boyfriend for mixing them up.  I should probably study that a bit more.

Philadelphia Flower Show

 Philadelphia Flower Show

telephone booth

tall dramatic centerpiece

Not sure if this water feature was a nod to Mary Poppins or England’s weather, but my kids loved it.

umbrellas on display

With such a rich literary history, it’s no surprise authors and books were a huge part of the landscape.  There were a bunch of Harry Potter references but *someone* must have cast a spell because none of those pictures came out.  (VOLDEMORT!)

Secret Garden quote

silhouette throw pillow

We loved the yellow submarine.  OF COURSE.

yellow submarine

The window boxes and planters were full of inspiration.  I particularly liked the ones with succulents.

window box with succulents

hanging planter with succulents

And here was a clever idea, a fence made from painted tree limbs.

natural fence

But most of all, my soul was desperate to see these:

Philadelphia Flower Show

Hundreds of sunflowers.  Millions of blooms.  The scent was intoxicating!

A tip for those of you who bring kids: ice cream works like a charm.  After we saw the exhibits, I was able to browse all the vendors while they happily enjoyed their treat.  And I got to stuff my backpack with some treats of my own– 3 potted succulents, planters, a candle holder, more lavender essential oil to make bath salts… it’s a good thing this show only happens once a year.

Philadelphia Flower Show

There were lots of things for Fairy Gardens, too.  Thankfully Noodle was happily eating ice cream otherwise that entire display would have come home with us.  Tiny fences, bridges, pergolas.  ADORABLE.

fairy garden supplies

Then we met the Queen!

Philadelphia Flower Show

But Bee told me he was too shy to say hi.  🙂

One the absolute highlights was bumping into the nurse that literally saved Noodle’s life.  She was the one on duty when Noodle’s umbilical cord burst, and her instant attention and quick thinking saved my daughter’s life.  She’s the reason we’re able to have family days like this one!

Bye bye, Flower Show.  See you next year for the theme “ARTiculture”– exploring the relationship between art and plants.  I’ve marked my calendar already, March 1-9, 2014.  Who’s coming with me?

Philadelphia Flower Show

Union Jack Balloons

Meeting the Queen

This wonderful event always reminds me that spring is almost here.  It’s the ‘hang in there, girl, you can do this!’ before spring actually arrives to awaken my spirit again.  Then scent of flowers reminds me that soon I’ll be smelling them around my yard as well.  Oh spring, please hurry!

Did you visit the PHS Flower Show this year?  Anyone else in dire need of some flowers and sunshine?  And can you believe we got to meet the Queen?  😉

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