The Best Fire Pit Ideas for Any Budget

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Fire pits are a great way to better enjoy being outdoors in any season. Whether you’re looking for DIY ideas or the best affordable fire pits to buy, these awesome outdoor fire pit ideas will work on any budget!

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firepit collage

Ah, fall is in the air! Does it still count as fall if you didn’t technically even really get a full summer though? Asking for a friend. 😉

I feel like fall brings a sense of the best kind of change – leaves, weather, and the fact you can live in an oversized sweatshirt and nobody questions it. However, I’ve been living in oversized clothes since about mid-March anyway. Surely it’s not just me, right?

Summer isn’t the only season where you’ll want to be outside. In fact, this year people are looking for ways to socialize outside and extend the outdoor gathering season well into the fall and winter. It’s an ideal spot for celebrating birthdays, holidays, Friday nights, whatever!

friends gathered around firepit

Why should you get a firepit?

Fire pits are the most awesome way for transforming your backyard or patio into a magical place to hand with friends and family. For those of you who may have a tiny backyard, a small fire pit would be great, but if you have the luxury of having a larger backyard, there are some real fancy ways to dress them up!

The best part is you can find firepits at almost every price range and style, from DIY to woodburning to propane powered. It can be a very easy DIY project, even if you’re not a DIYer. Or, you can order the perfect firepit that fits your budget and style.

Plus, wood burning fire pits produce smoke that may help keep bugs at bay during your gatherings.

DIY Fire Pit Ideas

Since we’re looking to add a firepit to our own backyard, we’ve rounded up some of the best fire pit ideas– both DIY and ones you can buy– to inspire you and give you all the fall feels. Pass the S’mores!

DIY instructions for each project are linked in yellow below each photo.

DIY Fire Pit Bowl

Cement fire pit bowls are a sleek and modern take on the trend.

fire pit bowl

via Better Homes & Gardens

DIY Fire Pit with Gravel and Stones

It’s helpful to have pea gravel surrounding your fire pit to reduce fire danger, as well as keeping it a safe distance from your home.

Simple DIY Fire Pit Build

This simple DIY fire pit looks so inviting!

4 Step DIY Fire Pit

You can make this fire pit in only 4 steps; I love the clean, finished look.

Garden Fire Pit with Bench

Woah, this fire pit is a stunner! I’d probably put something around the fire area to catch sparks and create a barrier, but overall it’s a gorgeous design.

DIY Fire Pit and Pea Stone Patio

This substantial fire pit has the rustic look of fieldstone. So classic and pretty.

One Hour DIY Fire Pit

Got an hour? Then you’ll be able to whip this firepit up!

$60 DIY Fire Pit

Love the look of a firepit but don’t have a huge budget? Here’s how to create one for under $60.

DIY Hardscape Benches + Fire Pit

Benches + fire pit = more room for friends! The benches also make perfect side tables for beverages and snacks.

DIY hardscape benches and fire pit
via Charleston Crafted

What is the best fire pit to buy?

For those of you who are just really not into the DIY scene, here are some great non-DIY options to buy.

There are two different types of fueling fire pits – wood or propane.

If you want a fire pit where you can practice fire starting skills, don’t mind smelling of campfires, and have access to chopped wood for fuel then wood burning is the way to go. Plus, they’re on the more affordable side.

If you really just want to quite literally set it and forget it, propane might be your best bet. It’s going to be quicker to set up and easier to keep going for your gathering or get together. They tend to be more expensive and you’ll have to buy propane tanks for fuel, but the positive side is they start up instantly and you won’t have to deal with smoke.

Both types are wonderful and will give your backyard a lovely ambiance, it really depends on your personal preferences and budget. Here are my favorites of both types below!

No matter how you slice it – DIY, not DIY, wood burning, propane – it will all give you the warm and cozy experience to be the perfect compliment to your fall season. Or summer season with a cold drink. Or really and truly, any season. What are you waiting for? It’s time to turn your backyard into the paradise you’ve always wanted.

Whether you DIY or buy your firepit, enjoy these great styles for cozying up your backyard all year long!

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the best firepit ideas for every style
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