Top 11 Must-Have Home Items for Busy Moms

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Need some tips on what products can help you save time around the house? Here are 11 simple must-have home items that can make life a little easier.

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timesavers for moms

I like to think that I use my time wisely. I know that how I use my time matters in making sure everything gets done, especially if I want to keep my sanity through it all! To make sure I’m using my time as efficiently as possible, I use all kinds of products and time-saving mom hacks. From fewer trips to the library to getting out the door on time to easier cleaning, it all adds up.

Whether you’re a working mom or one that has too much on their plate (which is all of us, really), these are some of my must-have home items that have made a world of difference in my life.

Must-Have Home Items for Productivity, Organization and Fun

1. Kindle & Libby App

If there’s a book I really want to read but I don’t want to wait for shipping or don’t have time to go to the store, I can order and instantly add it to my Kindle. I can also get books for FREE by reserving them at my library and reading them digitally. This is a huge time and money saver. Here’s how:

The Kindle Oasis is waterproof so I can read it in the bath or at the beach or pool without the worry of ruining it. It’s also lighter than paper copies of books so I can bring multiple books with me while traveling or in my handbag too. Kindles vary in price range depending on the features, so you’re sure to find one that fits your budget.

The Libby app is also super handy to have as you can download books for free using your library card. Most library cards can connect to the Libby app, so you save money AND trips to the library. Plus, no more overdue books as they return themselves to the library if you get them through the Libby app.

kindle next to bathtub

2. Hot Brush Hair Styler

This is a huge time saver for working moms or just any of us ladies who want to look good quick. I use a hot brush to get my hair dried quickly and beautifully.

It gives me so much volume and looks like a professional blowout done at home. When someone compliments them on your hair, you can tell them you did it yourself!

3. Amazon Echo

I use my Amazon Echo every day. Just by using your voice, you can add items to your shopping list (no handwritten notes anymore!), schedule the lights to go on and off, start timers while you’re cooking, and set reminders for yourself for things like trash day. It’s an Amazon home must-have and a great time-saving tip for moms.

Adding ingredients you’re running low on to your shopping list while chopping veggies? Priceless!

kitchen with Alexa

4. AirPods or Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones

I love using wireless headphones to listen to podcasts and audiobooks while I cook, clean, and fold laundry. I can multi-task and walk anywhere I like without wires in the way or annoying everyone in the house with my audio.

Playing relaxing music while I work also helps me focus better! You can even use the Bose headphones to cancel out noise while traveling for better sleep on the go.

5. Online Grocery and Target Shopping

You can save so much time by selecting your items before you go shopping. At home, I add items to my list using my Amazon Echo. When I’m ready, I use my list to order online from my local grocery store and then go and pick it up. Target offers drive-up order pickup and makes it so easy to grab and go. Most grocery stores also offer this service.

You can also use past purchase lists to reorder as I know many of us moms are picking up the same things each week. Ordering online not only saves time but also saves you money from those impulse purchases.

6. Hanging Laundry Bags

We switched to these wall-mounted laundry bags from a rolling hamper and these hanging laundry bags save SO much space by hanging right on the wall (or behind doors, in closets, etc.)

We use them to sort our laundry by lights, colors, and whites. It saves an incredible amount of floor space as we can use the floor underneath for shoe storage.

Want even more ways to get your laundry in order? Here are laundry room organization hacks that will make your life easier.

hanging laundry bags are must-have home items

7. Bissell Crosswave

Gone are the days when you would have to vacuum, then mop. Why not do them at the same time? Go around your hardwood or laminate floors all in one go with this handy tool. It’s great for both deep cleans and spot cleaning!

bissell floor cleaner must-have home items

8. Instant Pot

Ever since the Instant Pot came into my life, things in the kitchen have gone much quicker. Instant pots are combined pressure cookers and slow cookers, helping to speed up cooking times and also saving you space from needing another appliance.

instant pot with lid in handle

9. Label Maker

It’s no secret over here that I like to keep things organized. One of my must-have tools is a label maker. I use it for everything from pantry items to toy bins, file folders to AirPod cases, to cords to storage bins and bags. It helps make everything instantly identifiable and in its designated place.

label maker with calendar

10. Air Fryer

Everyone is obsessed with air fryers lately and rightfully so! They can air fry, broil, roast, reheat, dehydrate, and bake all in one appliance. It uses less oil than typical cooking which also means your dishes will end up healthier. I use mine all the time for quick meals for my kids – morning and night.

Check out these 25 quick and easy air fryer recipes for fast meal ideas.

11. HP Printer with Instant Ink

Your printer will never run out of ink with this neat subscription! Instant Ink printers will automatically order ink when your printer is running low. It may even notice before you do.

It also saves SO much money on ink cartridges, up to 50% as you get free delivery and discounted rates. It’s a win-win!

shop the post handlettered

Trust me, even just adding one of these must-have home items will make your day that much easier! Whenever I discover a time-saving household tip, I want to make sure I share it with you. From one mom to another, I want you to have some extra time in the day to spend with family or to take time for yourself!

Do you have any more must-have home items? I’d love to know your tips too! Share them in the comments down below.

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  1. All great suggestions! Just wish I could find a great hand-held vac that really suctions for quick pickups in the house and car. The one I currently have has never worked as well as I would have hoped for.

  2. I nearly cringe when considering ANOTHER *small* kitchen appliance, so I was so happy to find that InstantPot makes an air fryer lid! I can’t compare it to an actual air fryer, but it works fine for the occasional batch of tater tots or french fries and broils up fish nicely too!

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