Hack: How to Organize LEGO Manuals the Easy Way

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Drowning in a sea of LEGO manuals? I used to be too! Thankfully, I created this easy hack that will help you organize all of your LEGO manuals once and for all. You’ll save space and keep your manuals safe too.

If your family is full of LEGO builders, then check out these fun and helpful ideas. This LEGO organizing solution will help your family keep their bricks separated and organized for faster building. Then, store the cute Minifigures in the DIY LEGO jar so you can find them when you need them.

How To Organize LEGO Manuals - a LEGO Binder

Whether you are on the “paper” part of your KonMari decluttering spree or you are looking for a way to preserve your LEGO manuals so they are easy to find, I have just the hack for you!

Yes, you can find almost any LEGO manual online, but there is something so fun (and easy) about using the paper versions. So I opted to keep my manuals but vowed to get them organized and kept all in one place…like this binder.

My current LEGO binder is a work in progress. It started out with plastic pockets that open at the top. This wasn’t the best solution because they bunched up and dumped out the manuals whenever we moved the binder. This was an absolute CATASTROPHE to a sensitive 5-year-old. Thankfully, we solved the problem and now our LEGO manuals are super easy to use. Plus I whipped up some snazzy free printable LEGO binder covers that you can download too!

This new system is a win and keeps all the LEGO guides safe and secure.

A disorganized LEGO binder

How To Organize LEGO Manuals

You are going to love how effortless and easy it is to completely organize your LEGO manuals. All you need are a few large three ring binders and some plastic binder envelopes with velcro clasps. Buy as many binders and envelopes as you need to store all your manuals.

After you have all of your supplies, fill up the binders with your manuals. Simple, right? I’ll share my specific tips below.

10 Binder Pockets

Sort LEGO Manuals By Theme

First, we sorted each by LEGO manual by theme. We found all our manuals fit neatly into these categories:

  • Minecraft
  • Star Wars
  • Mixels
  • Movie & TV sets
  • City series
  • Juniors series
  • Friends series
  • Creators series
  • Pirates set
  • Train set
A label maker printing labels for the binder

Label The Envelopes

After you sort the manuals by theme or project type, it’s time to store them in envelopes. I used my favorite trusty label maker to label each envelope to make sorting and storing easy.

Always label any storage bin, tub, envelope, or container. This way, you know exactly what is inside without having to open it.

Minecraft LEGO manuals in a binder

Store The Binder On A Bookshelf

That’s it! Now you are ready to store the binder someplace that is easy to reach and that your kiddos can access when they need to put it back away.

We keep the binders either on the bookshelf or on top of our LEGO brick station. By the way, here’s my magical LEGO organizing solution that keeps us all from going crazy!

An organized binder full of LEGO manuals

How to Organize LEGO Manuals (Video)

If you are more of a visual learner, I have a fun video showing you how to organize your LEGO manuals into a binder. Check it out below.

Free Printable LEGO Binder Covers

It’s fun to create your own covers for your binder. But, to keep it simple, I have three free printable covers you can choose from – and they are all free!

Click here to download the free Lego Printable Covers

Or click on the image below:

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shop the post handlettered

Click an image below to shop the supplies needed for this organization project:

Free Printable Binder Covers for DIY LEGO Manual organization

Now. Who’s gonna help us sort this bucket of LEGOs? EEEEEEK!

A bin full of LEGO pieces

Again, here’s what we used to organize our LEGO manuals:
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If you have a LEGO fan or two in the house, I’m guessing instruction manual overflow is something you deal with as well. Hopefully, this solution works as well for you as it does for us!

(PS- if you like the idea, pin to share it!)

FINALLY a great way to organize LEGO manuals! Love this organization tip.

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