Do Disney Dreams Come True?

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Hey Everyone!  Posting was sporadic around here over the past week because we took a last minute trip to a certain special place.

Disney World Micky Mouse pumpkin decoration

Can you guess where?

Disney World Minnie Mouse decoration

Oh yes, we made the trek to Disney World.  It was our first time visiting with kids (and, whew, flying with kids!) and quite truthfully I was terrified.  But all the planning and prepping paid off, and I have to say it was a wonderful– dare I say magical? — trip.

Disney World 2012 collage

This is sorta how I feel today.

Disney World 2012 exhuastion

My husband snapped that pic after our last day in the park and it totally sums up how we feel.  Exhausted, but truly happy.  Amazingly, we all still love each other after spending five days together in the heat.

Bee looks skeptical, but he loved the rides.  The characters?  Not so much.

Disney World 2012 Minnie Mouse photo

Now that we’re back I’m basking in the glow, feeling pretty sore, and realizing that there’s so much laundry, so little time.

I had lots of help with planning thanks to my PSMM ladies and reading a 500+ page guidebook, so if you have questions about traveling to Disney World– especially with young kids or children with special needs– please ask away.  I’ve learned so much these past few weeks, and I’m certainly not an expert but would be happy to share insights while it’s still fresh.  Ask in the comments or on Facebook and I’ll be sure to answer in a post if that’s helpful for you!

Okay, back to the laundry.  It’s about to stage a rebellion if I don’t get in there soon to tame it.  Anyone up for a laundry party?


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  1. We are heading over to Disney World tomorrow for the first Not So Scary Halloween night, this year. I’m very excited because as many times as we have been there I’ve never seen the park dressed for a holiday. We are staying over afterwards at the All Star Movie resort. Hubby is turning 65 and you never get too old for Disney. I’ll be looking for the Micky Wreath you posted!

    1. Jeanne, have a great time! It’s looking so festive and ready for fall. They have the wreaths on many of the posts, you won’t have to look too hard to find them. Next time we hope to stay at a Disney resort, let me know how the All Star Movie resort was!

  2. Looks like y’all had fun! I’m looking forward to making the trip once our little Bean is old enough to enjoy it. It’s a right of passage, really!

  3. So FUN!!! I just went there this year with my 4 year old nephew … isn’t it amazing to see the wonderment on their little faces?!?! Your family is so stinkin’ cute! 🙂

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