Free Printable Thanksgiving Menu Planner & Checklist

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This free printable Thanksgiving menu planner and grocery checklist will make the holiday less stressful by organizing everything you need for the big Thanksgiving meal. Print it out, use it to meal plan your Thanksgiving menu, and add ingredients from all your recipes to this free holiday planner and checklist!

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Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday, but let’s face it– putting together the entire meal is a huge undertaking. With sometimes a dozen different recipes vying for oven space and needing multiple ingredients (plus loved ones milling around your kitchen as you work to pull it all together) it can be a teeny bit stressful.

thanksgiving meal planner on table

With that in mind, I created a free printable Thanksgiving Meal Planner that gives you an organized space to write down the meals you want to make as well as the ingredients needed (broken down by grocery store section to make shopping a cinch.)

Download the printable planner by clicking the navy blue box below!

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Plus, when anyone asks what they can bring you can see at a glance what’s needed. The grocery shopping checklist makes it easy to find what you need by section, especially helpful if you end up visiting multiple stores.

homemade cranberry sauce in a bowl

I know this particular year might be different for you with a smaller gathering, but the need for organizing your menu remains. So whether you’re able to safely celebrate with family this year or it’s a smaller, more intimate gathering I hope this planner reduces stress and makes prepping for the holiday easier (and more beautiful, too.)

Why do you need a Thanksgiving Meal Planner?

When you have a large variety of recipes to make and ingredients to buy, it’s important to make sure everything is organized! Here’s how this printable Thanksgiving planner will make the day less stressful and a lot more enjoyable for the person doing the cooking:

  • easily organize recipes for a balanced menu
  • as you add recipes to the planner, write the necessary ingredients to the shopping list
  • planning the menu allows you to see where others can help and what they can bring
  • avoid last minute grocery store runs by having all ingredients on one easy checklist
  • plan oven and stovetop space needed for your recipes at a glance
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Ready to ditch the stress and have a calm holiday season?


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How to Use the Printable Thanksgiving Meal Planner

  1. First, download it to your computer and print it out (instructions for doing so are below.)
  2. Then, fill out the top MENU section and add ingredients to your shopping list from each recipe.
  3. Make sure you have enough space to cook each recipe by adding a ‘S’ for stovetop, ‘O’ for oven, or ‘C’ for crockpot next to each menu item.
  4. Last, paperclip all your recipes to the planner (or put them all together in a folder) so everything is in one handy place.
free printable Thanksgiving meal planner

How to Download the Printable Thanksgiving Meal Planner

Click the image below and the printable will be sent straight to your inbox. From there, download it to your computer and print!

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thanksgiving meal planner with wishbone

Holidays shouldn’t be stressful, they should be full of love and warm feelings of gratitude and happiness. Planning ahead and being organized relieves the mental burden of trying to do it all on your own, and allows others to help. I hope this planner helps you plan, organize, and have a beautifully stress-free Thanksgiving!

Download the free Thanksgiving Planner by clicking the graphic below:

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thanksgiving menu planner

Ready to ditch the stress and have a calm holiday season?


plus exclusive access to our entire printables vault

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