10 Quick Bathroom Updates on a Dime {Day 13}


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Quick and Easy Bathroom Updates on a Dime

It’s 10:48 PM and I’m JUST starting this post, but we’ve made it halfway through our 31 Days of 15 Minute Decorating Ideas series and I’m not giving up yet!  Here’s a few VERY QUICK ideas that can completely change the look of your bathroom for just a few dollars.  No need for a major renovation when a few updates can do the trick, and if you don’t believe me take a peek at these 10 inexpensive bathroom ideas that can COMPLETELY change the look of your bathroom faster than you can say “insomnia.”  <—— which I have, obvs, since I’m writing this at eleven o’clock at night.  😉

1. Upgrade Your Toilet Brush

Upgrade your toilet brush

Did I really have to put that FIRST on the list and risk alienating everyone reading this?  Hear me out, please!  I don’t know why I didn’t realize it sooner, but my $2 IKEA toilet brush was bringing down the look of our entire bathroom.  I found these oil rubbed bronze toilet brush holders at Walmart for about $10 each.  Now each bathroom has a snazzy toilet brush and I’m embarrassed to say how much it changed the feel from ‘McDonald’s Bathroom Chic’ to ‘Look At Me Now’ glam!

2.  New Shower Curtain

Pick up a new shower curtain

A new shower curtain makes a huge difference

Another ‘duh’ moment was the shower curtain.  I has a frilly one in here for years, but recently replaced it with this West Elm beauty.  The simple stripes seem to make the room feel larger, the color is perfection, and the entire room feels more like a spa than the chaos barn it usually is (it’s the kids’ bathroom, and they don’t mind the sophisticated look because the stripes are fun).  There’s so many gorgeous shower curtains out there to choose from, I could seriously change mine every week.  If you have a very small master bathroom (like me), a simple waffle weave gives texture without making the room feel busy with a pattern.

Easy makeover- new shower curtain

3.  Corral Essentials on a Tray

Keep essentials on a tray

Alone on the counter, your bathroom essentials look like clutter.  But on a TRAY they look organized and pretty!  BONUS: the tray catches disgusting toothpaste drips and whatever else may fall from the hands of kiddos squeezing stuff.  This one came from IKEA years ago, if you’re looking for others check out this roundup of gorgeous trays from Day 12.

4.  Decant into Glass Canisters

Use glass containers for essentials

Q-tips, cotton balls, and bath salts shine when placed in glass canisters and displayed on your counter and bathroom shelves.  These homemade lavender bath salts look beautiful on my bathroom counter and they’re within easy reach when I need them.  Form AND function!

5.  Update your Bathmats

Update bath mats

Another small change with huge impact.  I love how this one feels under my feet when I get out of the shower; it’s delightful!

6.  Add a Magazine Rack

Add a magazine rack

Potty training: you gotta do what you gotta do.  Any other boy moms hear me on this one?  If you have a bathroom reader like I do, don’t fight it– join ’em.  I spray painted an old brass magazine holder with white spray paint for a $3 organizational must-have.  😉

7. Hang a Shelf for Bathroom Storage

Hang a shelf for extra storage

Bathrooms are often short on storage space, so if you need a spot to hide cleaning products or hold items then look to the wall.  This one came from Goodwill for just $3.

Here’s a quick way to store your towels– use baskets as beautiful towel storage. 2 years later and my baskets are still holding strong with just two wall screws:

Use baskets for extra storage

Hang baskets for storage options

8. Stools and Small Furniture

Incorporate decorative stools

I was about to settle on a plastic stool for the bathroom (a must if you have a little kids) when I saw this one and fell in LOVE.  For me, it’s the perfect mix of fun style with practicality.  As I learn AGAIN and AGAIN, never settle on something you don’t love.  Wait for ‘THE ONE’, and you won’t regret it {when it comes to wooden stools or husbands, might I add.}

9.  Update your Hardware

Update accent hardware

Add new hardware to cabinets and closets for a really quick update that looks like a million bucks but costs under $10.  Favorite sources for gorgeous knobs are Anthropologie and Hobby Lobby.  Can I get a WHAT WHAT?  And if you’re wondering about my obsession with ginkgo leaves, wonder no longer.

10.  Roll your Towels

Roll your towels

It takes like 5 seconds to roll your towels– plus IT’S FREE!– and makes the room look like a high-end spa.  It’s like you have your own personal Downton Abbey Lady’s Maid handing you your perfectly fluffed towel.

Towel, mi’lady?  Yes please!

Well, it’s 12:30PM and that’s about the fastest I’ve ever put a post together– bags under my eyes not withstanding. 😉  If you liked any of the ideas in the post, be sure to pin it so you don’t forget.  I mean, you can crank all these ideas out this weekend for under $100!  Did you see any ideas you can use?

Easy Bathroom Updates on a Dime!

10 QUICK Bathroom Updates on a Dime is Day 13 in the 31 Days of 15 Minute Decorating Ideas series.  Subscribe in the header to get each quick decorating idea delivered to your inbox daily, and find of the rest of the 15 minute decorating ideas series here.

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  1. I love this! I bought the paint to do some fixing up in our bathroom months ago and haven’t gotten to it yet (a wall size mirror that I’m not a fan of stands in the way!). I love the idea of added shelves for storage. I like keeping what we have in the bathroom simple, so it won’t look cluttered if we take it out of drawers and we’ll actually remember that we have it!

  2. I’m digging the baskets. My bathroom needs to be gutted and re-done but I think I can try a few of these ideas.

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  4. LOVE these ideas! I read the post when it arrived in my inbox a few days ago & just reread it now because we are buying a house! I am VERY excited to implement many of the ideas you have shared in this 31 Days series!!!

    1. CONGRATS on the new house!! So glad you’ll get to implement the ideas soon, such an exciting time for you!

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