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Thomas the Train Trackmaster Toys {say that 3 times fast!}

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Thomas the Train Trackmaster Tale of the Brave toy review

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Fisher-Price for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. I'd like to use the word 'obsessed' when it comes to how my son feels about trains, but I think it's a bit more. He eats, sleeps, and breathes trains. His career goal is to drive a train (last week he told me that when he grows up, he'll still visit me even on days he's not driving his train, bless him). He can spot a train track half a mile away, and even happily visits thrift … [Read more...]

25 BEST Bake Sale Treats and Recipes

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25 Best Bake Sale Treats and Recipes

With all the fairs, holidays, church and school events going on right now we're smack dab in the middle of bake sale season. You know at some point you'll have to face the bake sale table so might as well be prepared. Here's a host of ideas that range from 'I only have 10 minutes to whip up some insanely clever treats' to 'I worked on these for 3 hours and wanna ROCK the bake sale this year!' Choose the one that works best for you, and happy Bake-Saleing! How to Have a Fabulous Bake Sale from … [Read more...]

How I Get GREAT Kids’ Clothes for practically FREE! {Back to School}

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Amazing tips on how to get name-brand kids clothes FOR FREE! Yes, FREE! Follow this system, it really works! #kids #backtoschool

It's back-to-school season which means it's time for kids' clothes shopping. While everyone's situation and budget varies, I've found a system that allows us to get clothes that my kids love, function well, and look cute for almost free. Read on for tips on how to swing your back-to-school or seasonal clothing budget to get the best clothes for pennies on the dollar-- or even FREE! The first time I walked into Gymboree, I was a naive newly-pregnant mama-to-be with thoughts of daily adorable … [Read more...]

Low Cost (or FREE) Summer Activities

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free summer activities

One last guest post and then you're stuck with me for awhile... my sister is back with some tips for free or low-cost summer activities to keep everyone busy and having fun.  Because whomever coined the phrase 'lazy days of summer' did NOT have a three year old boy.  ;-)  While summer may feel like it's a time for slowing down and reading books on the beach all day, for kids, it's a time with long spaces just begging to be filled with activities and things to do.  So here you go-- plenty of … [Read more...]

Mom, I’m Bored! {10 Creative Books for Kids}

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kids craft books and ideas

My friend Ginger from Literally Inspired (her blog's tagline?  'a card catalog for the creative home'-- love it!) is sharing her favorite creative books to keep kids busy this summer.  Summer is a time when creative ideas for kids are in big demand, and with long lazy days it never hurts to have some new activities for kids up your sleeve.  Thanks to Ginger's list, you may never hear the words "Mom, I'm bored" again! Hi Making Lemonade Readers! OK, I'm calling it - Summer is here. I … [Read more...]