Free Kids Printable Cleaning Checklist For Bedrooms

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Want to know the secret to finally getting your kids to clean their rooms? It’s simple: just use this kid’s printable cleaning checklist. It takes your child step-by-step through the process and makes chores easy.

When you are ready to start organizing kid’s rooms, this checklist will become your best friend! It will keep you and your family on track. Save yourself even more time and use these 27 cleaning hacks. It makes cleaning go as fast as magic! I also compiled all my must-have organizing tools so that you can find them all in one place.

kids bedroom cleaning checklist free printable

You work so hard at keeping the entire house clean, but when you walk into your kiddo’s room, does it feel like a disaster area? I know the feeling so well! Who has the energy to clean that one, too? Plus, aren’t they supposed to learn how to keep their own area clean?

Actually, yes! Kids that learn how to pick up after themselves learn responsibility and take more pride in their rooms and space. It can actually give them more confidence too.

kids clean room checklist with toys

How To Teach Kids To Clean

So, how do you teach kids to clean? One way is to use this printable checklist. I split it up into five super-easy steps. I suggest that you walk through this checklist with your kids first. If your kids are used to using a chore chart, then they will probably be ready to follow this list.

Go through each section, one at a time. Mark off each section as you accomplish it. You can even take breaks in between, especially if the room is super messy. Don’t skip over the last part of step 5 – it’s the celebration part!

printable checklist for kids

When you really enjoy your hard work together, you will instill happy feelings that will (hopefully) motivate them to want to keep their spaces clean.

glass spray bottle with homemade cleaner

How to Use the Kids Room Cleaning Checklist

I made this checklist so that you can use it with kids of any age. However, it’s best for kids that can read. If your child can’t read yet, I suggest making a checklist that uses pictures with words next to them.

You can also laminate the checklist or place it inside a plastic sheet protector and use dry erase markers so it’s reusable. This saves paper and printer ink for sure.

These steps will help you get the most out the checklist:

  • The first time you use it, go through the checklist with your child and show them how to complete each step.
  • Next, have them do it with you there (sometimes I’ll read a book so I’m there but not hovering.) That way, you can help them if needed but aren’t micromanaging.
  • Last, have them do it independently. You can check afterwards and have them fix anything they missed, but they’ll feel accomplished when they can clean their room solo.
beanbag in kids room

Supplies Needed For Cleaning Kids Rooms

You don’t need very many cleaning supplies for the bedroom, but some things are definitely necessary. Kids often enjoy having their own cleaning caddy. These are the most essential cleaning supplies that you will need when you teach your kids to clean:

  • lightweight and quiet vacuum
  • dusters
  • broom and dustpan (if you have hardwood floors)
  • a safe all-purpose cleaner
  • trashcan and trashbags
  • microfiber cloths
cleaning caddy with supplies needed for kids cleaning checklist

Reasons Why Kids Should Clean Their Own Rooms

There are so many ways that learning how to keep their room clean benefits your children. It’s good for their mental health, their physical development, and even their social skills.

Here are some ways that teaching kids to clean is good for them:

  • Enhances learning development: Cleaning helps kids with gross and fine motor development and problem solving skills.
  • Builds confidence: As they discover that they can clean their own space, they will take more pride in it and feel better about themselves.
  • Teaches how to prioritize: This checklist is sorted into priotized steps. This is a vital skill that they will use in high school and into adulthood.
  • Teaches how to follow sequential steps: Young children will learn how to follow a logical list in a specific order.
  • Gives them exercise: As kids are up and moving, it will get their heart pumping, which increases endorphins.
kids headphones on hook

How To Download The Kids Room Cleaning Checklist

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I hope you enjoy and use this kid’s printable cleaning checklist for their bedroom. As children become more independent, they will enjoy living in a clean and tidy space.

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kids bedroom cleaning checklist free printable
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