April’s Healthy Essentials

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Healthy Essentials Logo

This is a sponsored discussion about Healthy Essentials and Earth Day on behalf of Johnson & Johnson and The Motherhood. All opinions are my own. It's April, can you believe it? It rained so hard most of yesterday I swear I started swimming at some point. These April showers are SURE to bring May flowers, so I'm trying to keep the complaining to a minimum. But don't get me started on the 25 degree temp drop and possible snow. ANYways. I love sharing good deals and wanted to let you know … [Read more...]

Free Printable Password Organizer

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Free Printable Password Organizer: makes keeping passwords safe a cinch! via www.makinglemonadeblog.com #printable #organizing

This Heartbleed virus thing-a-majig is pretty frightening, isn't it?  On a scale of 1 to 10, they're rating it an 11 (YIKES!) so I spent the better part of yesterday working on backing up both my blog and laptop and getting ready to change passwords.  You just don't know how difficult a breach is until you've experienced it... and people everywhere are experiencing it, especially blogs. In order to keep myself organized, I created a printable password organizer to keep track of usernames, … [Read more...]

Charlie’s Getting Delish with Rachael Ray & Nutrish

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Pet Adoption, Nutrish for Cats and Rachael Ray

Remember Charlie? We still haven’t figured out how two other families could have possibly given up this sweet kitty, but we’re so glad they did. He’s really home now. And I think he knows it. Charlie had two previous owners and a stint on the streets of Philadelphia, but since his adoption he’s quickly become an important part of our family. He’s a fixture in our lives, always around for a snuggle or kiss. His ‘ragdoll’ personality is a calming influence on the kids, and … [Read more...]

Simple & Delicious Double Duty Slowcooker Dinner Idea

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Double Duty Dinner Idea! Few minutes of prep and you get TWO delicious dinners #recipes #family via www.makinglemonadeblog.com

Making healthy dinners for my family from scratch is a priority, but trying to watch the kids while prepping dinner isn't a walk in the park-- unless a walk in the park is defined as 'having the kids compete for my attention under foot as I furiously chop and make supper while simultaneously attempting to keep them away from the flaming hot stove area.' I'm pretty sure that's not the definition of 'walk in the park'. Which is why I'm always looking for easy shortcuts to achieve this lofty … [Read more...]

Fun Kids’ Activity They’ll Love (and so will you!)

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Fun Kids Activity Idea: Marshmallow Geometry! Kids love it, and they learn as they play. Bonus! #kids #activities www.makinglemonadeblog.com

This is such a simple kids activity idea I debated whether to post about it or not, but honestly it keeps my kids entertained for huge chunks of time and it's so fun they constantly ask to play it. Plus it takes only two supplies that you might already have on hand, so I can bust it out whenever I need 20 minutes of peace and quiet to make dinner or take a phone call. It's a geometry activity I used with my second graders when I was a teacher, so imagine my surprise when my 3 and 5 year old … [Read more...]