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How We Drastically Changed Our Christmas Mornings {for the better}

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Tips for minimizing the mess on Christmas morning and keeping the focus on the real meaning of the season

Is there anything MORE FUN than Christmas morning? The chaos of unwrapping gifts, squeals of delight, my husband and I sitting bleary-eyed watching it all unfold... it truly is the most wonderful day of the year. HOWEVER, I've learned a few things over the years about making the morning go smoothly, minimizing the mess while not interrupting the fun, and also teaching my kids it's not about what you GET, but what you GIVE too. Here's what's in our Christmas Morning Survival Kit, which I tuck in … [Read more...]

FREE Printable Christmas Decorations Inventory List

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Free Printable Christmas Decorations Inventory and Christmas Organization Tips!

I know, I know, you don't even have all the decorations up yet and here I am already discussing post-Christmas organization! Can't help myself, I'm a planner, so in the middle of the decorating and attempting to locate missing bins and lights and wreaths it occurred to me there was a better way to find all the decorations that have been creatively tucked into various corners of my home. Believe it or not, having an inventory decreases the amount of stuff you'll have because you won't find … [Read more...]

Great Gift Ideas for HER {Holiday Gift Guide}

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Great Gift Ideas for Her: fantastic gift ideas for the women on your list, yourself included! {holiday gift guide 2014}

Almost all our gifts have been bought and even wrapped (I can assure you, that is a first, and it only happened because my husband suggested cracking open a bottle of wine and watching Love Actually so we wrapped during the movie last Saturday, wild times...) and now it's time for a little day dreaming. A little wish making. A little... Dear Santa... slip a few of these under the tree for me, please.  ;-) These gift ideas for women would also be appreciated by best friends, sisters, mothers, … [Read more...]

As Ever, Ideas for the Last Minute Christmas Card Sender

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A Christmas Home Tour OVERFLOWING with easy and beautiful ideas for holiday decorations. Love these simple & glam Christmas ideas that are perfect for stylish families!

I wish I had a legitimate excuse for always ordering my Christmas cards late, but I don't. I mean, EVERYONE is busy. But even my busy friends still seem to get their cards in the mail on time. Let's face it, I'll probably always be a last minute Christmas card sender. It's not that I love my friends and family any less (in fact, I probably love them more than they know), but I'm always waiting for the 'perfect' photo. And the 'perfect' stamps. And the 'perfect' time to sit down and put them … [Read more...]

Stunning Ideas from the Philadelphia Design Home 2014

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Stunning high-end interior design ideas from the Philly Design Home!

A few weeks back before the holiday decorations came tumbling out and everyone decked the halls, I joined a few of my fellow Philly Social Media Moms friends at the invitation of Comcast to tour Philadelphia's Design Home and learn just how 'smart' some new homes are getting! From stunning decor to a bubbling pool to incredible futuristic features, it was certainly an eye-opening day. I've always loved soaking up other people's home designs, so it felt good to be able to openly oogle the … [Read more...]