Free Printable Summer Planner: A Fun and Memorable Guide to Summer

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Print a colorful Summer Planner to fill with your summer vacation ideas. This easy-to-print, free Summer Planner is for kids, teens, or adults. Be sure to check our other printable planners for all ages, and get ready to have a memorable summer full of fun!

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For many adults, summer is a stressful season. The frenzied hustle and bustle of the new school year is winding down, but there’s so much to do! Let this printable summer planner inspire you to have a fun and memorable summer.

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Tips for Summer Planning

What many of us love about summer is a looser, more flexible schedule along with longer summer days (and nights!) Here’s a few tips to make planning easy this season:

  • Keep it flexible. Summer weather can be unpredictable, which is why the Summer Fun list comes in handy so you can switch out ideas last-minute if needed.
  • Maintain some sort of schedule, even if it’s not set in stone. Kids need routine, so once school is out we make a purposeful switch from ‘school routine’ to ‘summer routine’. We have rules for screen-time so they’re not on them all day, guidelines around meals (like the number of snacks and trying to keep to a ‘three meal a day’ schedule), and a bedtime that’s later than the school year but not totally unreasonable.
  • Build routines for common summer situations. During the school year, the kids know where to do their homework and put their backpacks. Summer has different routines, such as where to put wet bathing suits and towels so they don’t grow into piles of mildew on bedroom floors. Create and teach those routines at the beginning of the summer to lighten your workload (and the number of stinky towels!) Other common summer routines include: where to put bikes, where to put muddy shoes, packing the pool bag, getting ready for camp, applying sunscreen, and summer chores such as watering the garden.
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How to Use Your Summer Planner Kit

Please note that the summer calendar in the kit is intentionally undated so you can continue to use these printables year to year.

Step 1: Download the print the calendars and worksheets (see directions below.)

Step 2: Fill out the ‘Guided Summer Planning’ sheet to form a vision of what you’d like to do this summer. This will be the framework for your summer, and help guide how and what you plan during these precious few weeks.

Step 3: Then, gather the family and brainstorm ideas for the Summer Fun list. Places to go, sights to see, restaurants to try, hikes to explore– write all your wishes on this list, even if you won’t be able to do them all. Put a star or highlight the ‘must-do’ activities.

Need ideas for outdoor summer fun? Check out our favorite outdoor fun activities and ideas for kids and adults alike.

Step 4: Next, add dates to the summer calendars. Add any appointments, camps, events, and vacations that have already been scheduled. You now have an outline for your summer and can add in the activities from your summer fun list!

Step 5: Hang in a prominent place and enjoy! We have ‘Fun Friday’ each available Friday during the summer, and that’s when we plug in our bigger Summer Fun Must-Dos. Summer weather and changing conditions can keep us on our toes, so having a list of indoor and outdoor activities is super helpful.

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How to Download Your Summer Planner Kit

It’s super easy, just click the image directly below that says ‘DOWNLOAD THIS KIT’, enter your email address, and the planner will be delivered right to your inbox once you confirm you want to be on our email list. BE SURE TO CHECK SPAM if the planner doesn’t arrive within the first 5 minutes.

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More Summer Planners and Printables

Get the most out of summer with these popular summer printables and ideas!

Summer is the time to relax a little more, let go a little more, and embrace life a lot more. This summer planner helps provide an outline for the the season that you can fill in with activities to embrace the summer you’ve always wanted.

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